“Keep IT Up” Initiative

We are in pain at Moviri. Entire communities across the world and especially in our country are ravaged by the disease and by the human toll that grows each day. We worry about the safety and health of our families,

Moviri Reparto Corse

Hub On Wheels is a tradition for Boston. It is bicycle race through the city’s neighborhoods that helps raise money for local schools. You can choose to ride in either the 10-mile family-friendly course or the full 40-mile course along

Extraordinary Performance!

Here at Moviri we are more than accustomed to talk about performance, although this time it’s all about heartbeat peaks and blood flow. A well represented group of Movirians participated to the 1st PolimiRun, a non-competitive 10km run organized by Politecnico

Hello Boston!

Last november Moviri reached another important milestone with the opening of its new US headquarters in Boston. This follows the relocation of a start-up team of five colleagues that will take charge to launch and scale the new venture. I’d

Moviri runs for good

On April 7th, Moviri consultants run at the Milan City Marathon to show how fast they can go on feet.

Meet Moviri at the JOB Fair PMI at Politecnico of Milan

Meet Moviri at the Campus Bovisa-Broggi on on November 14, 2012. We are hiring!

Moviri at Velocity Conference 2012 – Day 3

Santa Clara, June 27, 2012 – Our last day at the Velocity Conference 2012. The morning session is organized like the previous one, with several talks grouped by the two main topics of the conference: Stronger and Faster. The exhibit

Moviri at Velocity Conference 2012 – Day 2

Day 2 started at 8.30 with a full morning session of keynotes. The exceptional presenters of this session are Steve Souders (Google) and John Allspaw (Etsy.com). After an unexpected entry on stage (figure), the show started.

Moviri at Velocity Conference 2012 – Day 1

Stefano Doni and I are first timers at the O'Reilly Velocity Conference 2012. Scheduled sessions sound very interesting and we were very curious to attend our first day.

Moviri at the Splunk .conf2011

"The 2nd annual Splunk worldwide users' conference". The title itself explains better than anything else what Splunk cares about and which is its primary market. This summer we decided to pay a visit to .conf2011 and see if other users