Moviri Padova Hub

November 2021 marked the birth of our first-ever Italian office outside our home city of Milano: the Moviri Padova Hub.

This milestone is the result of a lot of hard work over the past few months, a joint effort among the finance, HR, legal, office management and marketing teams to make this goal a reality. 

We are all very proud of this achievement. We are especially proud of our first Padova-based employees, our pioneers, who took on the challenge and the opportunity to relocate to this beautiful city and be part of the change we are leading in our organization.

But what is this change about? And what is a Moviri Hub anyway?

The change is part of our global Elastic Workplace initiative, an effort to rethink the way we work as a more flexible, agile, and productive organization. The overall goal is to create a distributed and collaborative environment, allowing our employees to achieve better productivity and work-life balance and, at the same time, allowing our company to reach its full business potential.

To achieve this goal, we knew we had to expand our reach beyond our headquarters, with a long-term vision based on proximity to our most valuable resources: our employees and our customers.

Our industry is moving fast and competition for talent is intense and growing. This competition is urging companies to devise new hiring strategies and find new talent pools, outside their usual geographical reach. Being ourselves born as a spin-off of a strong academic institution, Politecnico di Milano university, with deep roots in the local ecosystem, we knew there were other centers of excellence we could tap into in Italy in our search for talent.

The University of Padova is one of these centers.

We have been working with this prestigious university since 2016, initially participating in career fairs and recruitment events. Afterwards, we started organizing on-site lessons to students on hot technology topics and sponsoring internships and thesis projects. These programs have been extremely successful. As an example, 100% of our University of Padova interns have become full-time employees.

Padova team
Part of Padova team

Over the past few years, we have hired approximately 10% of our Italian workforce from Padova, ranging from computer engineering and computer science to statistics and data science graduates. And the numbers are set to grow even more in the coming years.

Our second objective is to serve our customers more closely. We have a longstanding and varied customer base in the north-eastern region that has benefited significantly from our local presence in the past years. Our first customer in the region, backed by a resident Moviri team on remote assignment, dates back over 15 years and still is to this date one of our most important customers.

The global pandemic has significantly changed our lives, pushing the adoption of remote and hybrid work. Technology has made all this possible with very limited disruption, thanks to ever-improving collaboration tools and new processes.

However, we immediately realized that 100% remote work did not fit us and neither did fit our customers. Our work requires a level of communication, collaboration, inventiveness and team spirit that happens most often when people interact in real life.

We found this to be consistently true and applicable to all interactions in our business: both among employees in our offices and with customers in their offices. We believe that technology cannot and should not replace real-world human interaction. Being physically closer to our customers ultimately helps build stronger relationships, provide timely support and deliver better service all-around.

Building local and regional teams also improves our business development capabilities in the territory, and our ability to identify and meet prospects, to up- and cross-sell, and ultimately to execute our go-to-market strategy much faster.

A hub is precisely that: a decentralized team working together seamlessly with headquarters, with the long-term objective of growing organically its footprint in the region, with local hires and local business development.

This is the vision behind our Moviri Hubs initiative, an initiative that has just started and that will see Moviri expanding beyond its headquarters in new cities over time, opening up significant new growth opportunities. We look at this new challenge, embracing its many complexities, always true to our spirit: keeping out of our comfort zone and exceeding expectations. This is the Moviri way.