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We are the IT performance optimization experts. At Moviri we focus on making enterprise applications run faster, use less resources and meet business demands.

Our History


Moviri (formerly Neptuny) is founded in 2000 by academic researchers and consultants specialized on IT Performance Optimization.


Thanks to the initial sponsorship from the Politecnico di Milano and Bain & Co. Moviri assembled the first team of talented IT performance engineers. From that moment, the company started its growth at an impressive rate by expanding its service portfolio.


In 2006, Moviri, leveraging its expertise and technology, released ContentWise, an innovative content recommendation and discovery engine for IPTV and Digital Media operators. ContentWise is adopted by a major European triple-player Telco and shortlisted at the IPTV World Series Awards at the IPTV World Forum. In 2007 Moviri won the first edition of the Start Up of the Year Award, promoted by PNICube for its innovative business and potential growth.


Moviri started to partner with major enterprise software vendors and service providers as HP, BMC, IBM, Oracle, VMware, and Splunk. In 2008 Moviri is been named HP BTO Partner of the year. Moviri started to expand worldwide, by gaining key customer accounts in the US such as Citrix Online and Expedia. In 2009 Moviri opened Moviri, Inc., its US subsidiary.


In October 2010 Moviri sold Caplan, its flagship Capacity Planning and Management software tool to BMC Software. The engineering and marketing teams behind Caplan joined BMC to work on the development of BMC Capacity Optimization – BCO (now TrueSight Capacity Optimization). Moviri continued to expand internationally by adding customers in Asia, US and Europe and expanding its portfolio of services, solutions and partnerships. In 2011 and 2012 Moviri is named Splunk Partner of the Year.


In 2014, Moviri released Cleafy, a cyber immune system solution that protects enterprise organizations and large websites from the most sophisticated and elusive internet threats.


In 2018, Moviri released Akamas, a machine learning self-driving solution that optimizes IT stack configurations, automatically and safely.



The Moviri management team combines deep performance management technical expertise with decades of software, services and enterprise IT industry experience.

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We are constantly looking for talented people to join our team. Our ideal candidates are high-performing team players who deliver results while still keeping an eye on quality.
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