Arduino cloud widgets
Arduino Cloud widgets and data downloads get a design overhaul

Arduino Cloud’s dashboards and widgets are some of its most popular features. It’s what turns the Cloud into your ultimate control center for all kinds of projects.

Arduino sustainable help IoT
Sustainable transformation of agriculture with the Internet of Things

Everything you need to know about the technologies behind the next agricultural and smart farming revolution.

Arduino partners with Altium
Arduino partners with Altium and the IPC Education Foundation to launch #PCBeTheChange competition

Arduino has partnered with Altium and the IPC Education Foundation to launch a student electronics design challenge to engage, educate, and enhance PCB design capabilities while developing STEM solutions to environmental challenges.

Say hello to Arduino Cloud, more things and two new plans

Arduino Create has been expanded over the years to include many additional features. And now it has a new name.

Sense the Future of Smart Agriculture With Arduino Edge Control

The Arduino Pro lineup continues to grow with the introduction of the new Arduino Edge Control. This is a remote monitoring and control solution optimized for outdoor environments.

Announcing the Arduino IDE 2.0 (beta)

We’re pleased to announce that as of today the Arduino IDE 2.0 beta is available for download and its code repositories become open source.

Arduino Day 2021: Submit Your Event by March 14th

Arduino Day, which will be held on March 27th this year, is the celebration of the Arduino community and the achievements of its members.

Announcing Distiamo™: The New Standard in Workplace Contact Tracing and Social Distancing

Arduino, the leading IoT development platform today announced the launch of Distiamo, an intelligent solution, developed in collaboration with Moviri IoT, that supports enterprises and businesses with managing social distancing and contact tracing in any workplace or venue.

Arduino Launches Donation Program to Support Open Source Community

As an open-source company, Arduino aims to ensure that open-source continues to thrive and remains sustainable for the long term. The Arduino Donation Program is intended to fund projects and institutions that make a lasting difference in the worldwide open-source

Automated Mask Closes When Others Are Near With Arduino Nano

Chen the DesignMaker decided to test a servo-actuated mask, which features a hatch that actuates based on input from three PIR sensors and an Arduino Nano.