Our Manifesto: Understanding why we do what we do and how we do it.

At Moviri, we believe that technology has the unique power to bring revolutionary changes and that those brave enough to be part of them can create huge opportunities.

Big problems need companies with big ideas.

When we started in 2000, we saw that the Internet was about to change the world forever and we decided we had to be part of that change. For us, this meant reinventing how the capacity planning of hardware resources had to be done in the new era of distributed systems and online businesses.

We did it with an engineering mindset and business acumen, and we created Caplan, a technology destined to become the world leader in its space with the transition to BMC Software in 2010.

We processed massive quantities of data to build models and predict future outcomes, simplifying and automating what was previously seen as black magic. Today we would call all this Big Data and AI, but back then we thought of it simply as smart engineering.

We still do that today!
Our recipe is simple and our goal is ambitious.

We work on big problems, where solutions are hard to find but can have the most significant impact on business and society.

We pick selected fields of IT, focus on problems worth solving and create engineered solutions that are easy to adopt and that work at the enterprise scale. We believe the important fields of IT are those that are relevant to large enterprises and offer challenges that always evolve but never disappear: this is how we decided that optimizing IT performance had to be our first bet.

This leads us to work in market niches where a few companies can really make an impact and where we can build durable businesses with little competition. We stay away from commodities, even when they are backed by big markets and we never compromise on that. Our businesses are driven by the value created for our clients rather than the price offered to them.


Engineering is at the core of our business.

We believe that short-circuiting science with industrial applications has tremendous potential and we leverage this extensively.

All of our solutions are data-driven, pragmatic and scalable. We question the status quo and challenge common beliefs and cargo-cult thinking, as we believe instead in data, real evidence and experimentation. We have great ambition for what we want to achieve in the future. This is why we always do more than what seems reasonable at any given time. We keep moving out of our comfort zone to stay relevant and exceed our customers’ high expectations.

Ambition, engineering and problems worth solving in strategic fields have always defined and will continue to define our company, no matter how our business may evolve.

This is the Moviri way!
What business are we in?

Moviri is a university start-up that in 20 years has grown into an international group of five companies, with offices on three continents and customers in more than 30 countries.

We are headquartered in Milan, one of the top ten alpha cities in the world, just outside the engineering campus of Politecnico di Milano, where we started.

We are in the middle of an avant-garde, multi-disciplinary industrial region that has inspired us to start several ventures with a global ambition. We run specialized consulting services under the Moviri brand in four strategic fields: Performance Engineering, Cybersecurity, Analytics and Internet of Things.

Around these areas, we’ve made investments in four technology companies that fit a cohesive vision: Akamas, Cleafy, ContentWise and Arduino. We do not subscribe to stereotypical business models (e.g. Consulting, Software, SaaS, Outsourcing, etc.). Instead, we commit to adopting the solutions that are naturally demanded by the problems we tackle.

We believe that a company in which consulting and technology businesses coexist is unique in the industry. We also believe this is our invaluable source of innovation and disruption.

We invest our best talent into consulting projects with our top customers. This is how we learn, build our technology vision, and encounter and solve valuable real-world problems.

We are independent and unbiased in adopting the solutions that work best for our customers. This has meant working on many of our top projects with strategic business and technology partners, some of which are visionary companies that have made history.

We naturally embrace a model of serial entrepreneurship. With our customers, we generate ideas that, in some cases, become technology investments and eventually evolve into separate companies. We believe this allows us to focus more on management as we can run things independently when required.

It is the story of how Caplan, ContentWise and Akamas were created. We have also invested in ideas generated by other talented entrepreneurs: this is how Cleafy and Arduino joined the group.

Engineering Performance of IT systems is a task of increasing complexity due to the pace of technological change. It was the first of our big ideas; it is where we started. Akamas is our latest creation, aiming to redefine how performance optimization will be managed by mixing automation, artificial intelligence and the domain expertise of performance engineers.

We have a special relationship with data, mathematical models, machine learning and AI at large. The Analytics business line is our commitment to this skillset. It is unique for us because it focuses on techniques – and even more on business applications – as we believe that AI will be the single most impactful breakthrough we will ever see. With ContentWise we have already shown its profound impact in the media industry, personalizing the user experience for millions of people.

Managing Security was a natural evolution. We believe that the impact of security will explode in the next decades as all businesses become digital. We expect that the trade-offs among protection, freedom, and privacy will make finding acceptable solutions increasingly challenging. We invested in Cleafy because we share the vision that all advanced threats can ultimately only be countered through real-time data analytics, adaptive automation, and intelligence.

We joined the revolution of the Internet of Things as it will bring applications of generational significance to several industries. Our investment in Arduino is our last bet and a celebration of Italian talent that creates pioneering technologies with extraordinary ambition and achievements.

We have great ambition for what we want to achieve in the future. This is why we always do more than what seems reasonable at any given time.

This track record would have never been possible to create and maintain without our team’s hard work and dedication.

We believe this is the main reason why we have yet to fail at a single business venture and have reached goals that seemed impossible. This makes us proud as today’s start-ups have a failure-to-success ratio of 9 to 1.

We have created a cohesive vision that will help some of the world’s top companies in the digital transformation: enable them to run their business at scale, reliably and securely, adding intelligent human-like behaviors to their applications and entering a fully integrated physical computing era. In getting there, combining consulting and technology will make the difference for those customers who want to go the extra mile.

Every time our businesses cross paths in the unknown spaces of innovation and we work as one team, extraordinary things happen.


People who want to have an impact.
A Movirian is a talented and ambitious professional willing to succeed within a company that is always out of its comfort zone and needs the right people to fuel its perpetual forward motion.

In everything we do, we take higher risks compared to traditional reactive businesses.

We put teams before individuals and think harder before doing.
We believe that science and engineering need to be seen as one. It is for this reason that we continuously focus on research, emerging ideas, and new technologies.

We actively invest in research programs with leading universities in Europe and the US, involving Ph.D. students in our teams.

We know how to create value out of R&D investments. We always pursue building and retaining a high-quality team, because our ideas are ambitious and pose challenges that exceed those of the vast majority of companies in the industry.

However, we also believe that great teams are built not only on talent but also on teamwork and positive attitude.

Who we are

We have zero tolerance for any violation of ethical standards and we demand total respect for laws, regulations and individuals. Ethics at Moviri, however, mean much more than respect for rules: we value diversity, especially because we work in the low-diversity, highly-biased field of Information Technology.

We have developed a culture that rewards initiative, nurtures an informal workplace, stimulates extreme pragmatism and follows a no-blame policy when mistakes are made. We believe that anyone joining the company should share these beliefs. New graduates find that our environment fits their mindset; we are often described as an excellent company to start with. We have developed the skill to grow young talent training them to work in teams, communicate effectively, develop business thinking, and work internationally.

We have an incredible Moviri alumni network: former colleagues continue to contribute to our growth even when they have taken top positions at some of the most successful companies in the world.

This makes us proud. We are a tech company from the ground up but our unique angle in tech and business inspires unique ways to do many things at Moviri.

It hardly feels like work to us.

We have built our businesses with no external financing, reinvesting hard-earned profits year after year. This requires tremendous discipline, commitment and attention to detail.
We believe that acting smarter is the core reason for our success and that money alone cannot generate innovation and results, as many companies think.

We run our operations with a shared services organization that has the mission to make a 200-employee group of five companies on three continents work with the agility of a startup, the care of a family-run business and the solidity of a multinational corporation.

And yet, no matter how hard the task, we all want to have an impact.

We believe the IT industry is at a crossroads again. The convergence of Cloud Computing, Big Data, AI, and IoT is creating a new singularity that is poised to revolutionize the way businesses of all sizes will operate.

Performance and security will be profoundly redefined and creating value from data will be the key enabler of all major advances.

At Moviri, we have committed the investments we need to create a company able to lead – not follow – this new wave of change. We feel like we are living in a new version of 1995, when the Internet was moving into the mainstream and the tech giants did not yet exist. We feel we are in the right place at the right time.

Thus, we will continue to focus on our few big ideas and let go of many other opportunities. We believe that less is more if done right. Sticking to our principles is of utmost importance to us. You should also expect us to stay committed to the current initiatives. We are not in the business of jumping from one opportunity to the next; we are into building long lasting successful businesses, one step at a time.

What to expect from us: continue to beat expectations.

Sometimes there may be temporary setbacks but we keep the promises we have made to ourselves and our customers, as long as the value is there.

You should expect us to make moves in areas that might look surprising, but we have always strived to start new, important and meaningful things with the resources that we have. We think ideas need to work hard to find their way into big investments and we believe that following this discipline eventually creates great value.

Expect the unexpected!