Tuning Node.js and V8 settings to unlock 2x performance and efficiency

The Akamas team shows the results of optimization studies that achieved 45% gains in Node.js applications performance and 68% CPU usage reduction.

ContentWise and Harmonic Collaborate on AI-Programmable Linear Channel Personalization

Media brands and content providers automatically repurpose content libraries into custom FAST channels.

contentwise for itv

ITV Selects ContentWise to Power ITVX Advanced Recommendations and UX Personalization

ContentWise UX Engine was launched in production on ITVX in November 2023, generating double digit increases in conversion rates and substantial lift in average watch time.

Akamas enhances its cloud optimization capabilities with HPA, OpenShift, Kubernetes, OAuth2 support ...

Akamas 3.4.0 is our biggest release to date, and incorporates a wealth of improvements that were highly requested from our customers.

Join us in the countdown for Arduino Days 2024

Now in its 11th year, this is the event that brings together all Arduino users and shines the spotlight on the most outstanding projects and ideas

MVSHub ContentWise

Dish Mexico and SES Select ContentWise and Minerva for mvshub UX

Minerva’s and ContentWise’s software at the core of the mvshub super aggregation platform based on SES’s Online Video Platform (OVP), allows Dish Mexico to a personalized next-generation viewing experience.

akamas Kubecon 2023

Insights from Kubecon 2023 – K8s for GenAI, Efficiency, and Sustainability

While K8s offers excellent capabilities, realizing its full efficiency and scalability benefits requires proactive tuning.

Ranker ContentWise

ContentWise and Ranker Deliver Personalization Powered by 1+ Billion Fan Votes

The integration of Ranker Insights and UX Engine enables operators to leverage the power of fan-based rankings and collective consumer opinion directly on their platforms.

Like VOD but in four dimensions? FAST channel programming with Contentwise Playlist Creator

Thanks to automation and AI, Playlist Creator, leverages content recommendation recipes to generate FAST channel playlists that are fed to cloud playout systems.

Why Moviri invested in Cleafy

From Seed to Success: Moviri’s Story of Investing and Innovating with Cleafy

Our patient investment in Cleafy embodies our mission: to identify, invest, and nurture technology-driven solutions to enterprise problems.