Last november Moviri reached another important milestone with the opening of its new US headquarters in Boston. This follows the relocation of a start-up team of five colleagues that will take charge to launch and scale the new venture. I’d like to celebrate this milestone and go through the key reasons that led us to undertake this endeavor. First, it’s a big business opportunity. We’ll have access to the most mature market for IT services in the world, a market which appreciates and rewards companies built on skills, reliability and high-level professionalism, which is exactly how Moviri is and is perceived. We’ve done this step by step, starting with the incorporation of a controlled legal entity and the progressive relocation of the core team during 2013. We’ve done this after we’ve tested the market, we’ve built solid business relationships with a core set of customers and partners, to the point where the US-based business already accounts for almost one sixth of our consulting services worldwide revenues. The US market boasts some of the largest organizations in the world, where IT is a business driver (and no longer just an “enabler”) and where our IT Performance offering can provide the greatest value to customers. Second, we are believers in internationalization. To see and understand opportunities in the early stage; to create cultural diversity in what started as a “strongly typed” engineering organization; to have more interesting and varied work experiences for our team. It’s the unique blend of situations we aim to create and be a part of. Last, we follow dreams and trust “gut feeling”. If one walks into the MIT buildings, one cannot not notice the resemblance to the classrooms and feeling as sense of connection to Moviri’s engineering and research roots. It accounts for a lot. “Revenue” can be boring (even though “cash” is king…) and business  is also about passion. Choosing a place like Boston is part of it. Our new office is located at One Boston Place, an iconic landmark in the Bostonian landscape. We’re going to write a new address on our email signatures: Moviri Inc. One Boston Place, Suite 2600 Boston, MA 02108 Why Boston? There are of course many very rational reasons for choosing Boston:
  • It’s a culturally rich city that features one of the most prominent global academic hubs with centers like Harvard, MIT, Boston University. In total 5 junior colleges and 18 colleges that primarily grant baccalaureate and master’s degrees, 9 research universities, and 26 special-focus institutions.
  • The “Greater Boston Area” has been home to many disruptive IT companies and it competes with Silicon Valley and lately the New York technology park.
  • It is a short flight away from major economic centers like New York, Philadelphia, Toronto and Washington DC and only few time zones away from Europe.
  • It is close to many of our banking and insurance customers.
I’d like to say “Good luck” to the Boston team and give an head-up to everybody: this is not an achievement that we celebrate, it’s just the beginning of a new journey… stay tuned.