Having an imPACt at CMG 2016

When your company tagline explains that it’s all about performance, you cannot possibly miss out on the CMG 2016 conference. The fact that this edition’s venue was at La Jolla, San Diego, made it all even more pleasant! The temptation

Milano Moviri

VMware vForum 2014 and the Future of the Data Center Operational Model

Two-thirds of IT decision makers assert that there is an average gap of about four months between what the business expects and what IT can provide. SDDC is VMware's answer.

Virtual Environments Capacity Management: Why You Need Guest Level Metrics

Why use guest level metrics, when virtualization platforms already gives you a wealth of metrics? We are going to perform some experiments and see...

Santa Clara University Moviri

Moviri at Velocity Conference 2012 – Day 2

Day 2 started at 8.30 with a full morning session of keynotes. The exceptional presenters of this session are Steve Souders (Google) and John Allspaw (Etsy.com). After an unexpected entry on stage (figure), the show started.

Santa Clara Moviri

Velocity Conference 2011 – Day 1 Journal

While we attended several events in the past as partners of HP, it's our first time attending this O'Reilly conference.

Hosting is dead. Long live the Cloud: Who can truly benefit from Cloud Computing?

There's a lot of marketing hype going on about cloud computing as the fabulous opportunity to drop IT costs and save the planet from CO2 emissions. Large companies from all around the industry spectrum (telco, finance, retails, etc.) have been

Managing Continuity in the Cloud era

In the age of virtualization and cloud computing are Organizations able to provide business services every time their customers expect it, even if a Disaster happens? I asked myself this question as I perceive a false sense of security from

How Virtualization affects IT Costs Chargeback strategies

Companies that have chosen to chargeback their IT costs to final users (departments, companies, etc), find that the usage of virtualized environments is challenging the chargeback strategies they have traditionally adopted.