Moviri Integrator for TrueSight Capacity Optimization – HP® NNMi

Powerful performance and capacity reporting and analysis by TrueSight Capacity Optimization for network devices.

Moviri Integration for TrueSight Capacity Optimization – HP NNMi* extracts network performance and configuration data from HP NNMi to TrueSight Capacity Optimization, leveraging NNMi export process on csv files provided by Smart plug-in (iSPI) Performance for Metrics:

  • Retrieve configuration information such as hardware model, number and status of ports, location
  • Collect several sets of performance KPIs including devices global resources utilization, ports traffic and error rates, VLANs metrics
  • Get files from remote host via SSH or windows share
  • Control and define data extraction in terms of data granularity, metrics, entities in scope
  • Manage parsed files with rename and remove configurable actions


*Moviri Integrator for TrueSight Capacity Optimization was formerly known as Moviri Integration for BMC Capacity Optimization (BCO)

Network View

Imported data enables powerful performance and capacity reporting and analysis provided by TrueSight Capacity Optimization for the monitored network devices and links. Additionally, bundled with the integration package, Moviri delivers an ad-hoc Network View: an interactive dashboard tailored to network capacity management needs.

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Availability and licensing

You can download Moviri Integrator for TrueSight Capacity Optimization – HP NNMi from the BMC Electronic Product Download website, provided that a license has been acquired via the BMC Market Zone.


  • HP NNMi 9. 10 with iSPI “Performance for Metrics”
  • Device configuration parameters
  • Interface configuration parameters
  • CPU, Memory and Backplane-related performance metrics
  • Ports traffic and error rates
  • Aggregated and meaningful KPIs to provide at a glance overview of network devices status
  • Drill down on sub-resources and time periods to assess performance deviance
  • Slicing and dicing capabilities among various dimensions (vendor, location, device role…)
  • Saturation forecasts on ports capacity and used bandwidth to proactively anticipate appropriate provisioning

Product gallery

Network View - Single Device
Network View - Single Device
Drill-down on a single device configuration and utilization data.
Network View - Interfaces Forecast
Network View - Interfaces Forecast
Screenshot of the Interfaces Utilization Forecast with Days to Crash and trending data.
Network View - Used Ports Forecast
Network View - Used Ports Forecast
Screenshot of Used Ports Forecast by device with usage, trending and Day to Crash data.
Network View - Devices Overview
Network View - Devices Overview
Devices overview dashboard with utilization indicators and performance indicators.