Partnering with customers to manage digital risk.

We are unique among IT security consulting firms. We combine security technology engineering, intelligence expertise and our data science DNA to help companies manage digital risk end-to-end.

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We use data, software, and insights to solve our customers' most substantial technology challenges.

Cybersecurity Services

Security Operations & Analytics
Security Operations & Analytics

We develop advanced cybersecurity use cases and design and implement analytics dashboards. We also build risk-based response automation solutions and help customers implement their SIEM and SOAR platforms.

Fraud Detection & Response
Fraud Detection & Response

The rapid growth of digital payments and the introduction of PSD2 change the landscape and the complexity of the attacks. We offer specialized services and technology for fraud detection, prevention, and countermeasures.

Digital Identity & Data Protection
Digital Identity & Data Protection

Comprehensive identity & access management solutions to protect critical digital assets, for access management and to protect data in transit, on the cloud and on-prem.

Digital Risk Management
Digital Risk Management

Our specialized service offering around cybersecurity risk quantification and management to implement the cybersecurity side of enterprise digital risk management processes.

Cloud Security
Cloud Security

We offer a range of products and consulting services to secure and protect private and public cloud-native infrastructure and applications.

Cybersecurity Solutions

Continuous Monitoring & Risk Evaluation

Real-time security data collection and analysis.

We leverage frameworks and standards such as MITRE to design systems that collect, normalize and analyze security data in real-time. We use intelligence tools to generate insights that limit risk exposure, while reducing operational effort.


  • Real-time security intelligence.
  • Continuous risk assessment.
  • Cut operational costs.

Digital Identity for Critical Services

Visibility and control of privileged and 3rd-party access.

We provide the tools to ensure that all users and all device access activities are visible and controllable. We also support governance processes to control critical access, such as access by privileged parties or by third-parties, both to services and to data.


  • Full visibility and auditing.
  • Automatic governance compliance.
  • Frictionless access orchestration.

Cloud Security Zero-Trust Architecture

Cloud and multi-cloud policies enforcement and monitoring.

As companies migrate services and data to the cloud, we have a range of solutions for cloud native application and infrastructure, risk monitoring of cloud traffic and multi-cloud integrations, security enforcement, continuous monitoring for cloud native services, SASE and CASB implementation, containers and serverless security.  


  • Remove constraints to cloud strategy.
  • SecDevOps automation. 
  • Consistent security enforcement across clouds.

Cyber & Enterprise Risk Integration

Cybersecurity integration with ERM systems and frameworks.

We offer solutions specifically designed to help enterprises meet regulatory and governance challenges, including enterprise risk management and compliance around a variety of governance frameworks.


  • Ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Connect IT security with ERM.
  • Maintain compliance over time.

AI-Based Fraud & Threat Intelligence

Advanced threat intelligence and fraud investigation.

With our threat analysis and response orchestration solution, we create early detection systems for threats. We also create automatic orchestration response solutions that actively react to attack campaigns in a scalable way.


  • Coordinated, real-time response to threats.
  • Turnkey fraud management.
  • On-demand threat intelligence know-how.

Cybersecurity Products

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At your side, fighting against online fraud.

Cleafy helps banks and financial institutions scale-up their fight against online fraud. Cleafy is the first solution to introduce full detection and response in online fraud prevention. A revolutionary technology that combines the most advanced fraud detection capabilities, with the possibility to set-up automated responses. All in one central platform.

Cybersecurity Partners

Cybersecurity engineering, intelligence expertise, data science. Connect the risk management dots.