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We help customers succeed in their data journey, from strategy to data science, to MLOps, delivering end-to-end enterprise analytics solutions at scale.

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We use data, software, and insights to solve our customers' most substantial technology challenges.

Analytics Services

Data Strategy
Data Strategy

We help companies develop an implementation roadmap to their business goals, including architectures, governance, technology and use cases.


We empower IT, business users and data scientists to implement ML pipelines, simplify operations, and increase usability, leveraging our MLOps technology and blueprints.

Data Science
Data Science

We leverage data, ML and mathematical models to generate predictions and inform proactive, data-driven decisions.

Data Engineering
Data Engineering

We build solution to collect, store, process, secure, and manage data at scale, to power Data Science modelling and advanced analyses.

Analytics Solutions

Payments Processing Anomaly Detection

Identify in real time and automatically true anomalous behavior.

By using advanced machine learning algorithms, our system performs fast and high-performing anomaly detection on millions of real-time transaction data, reducing false positives and ranking anomalies urgency. Our system operates at an enterprise scale and have major impacts on operational KPIs of core business processes.


  • <5 minutes time-to-alert.
  • 100+ daily person-hours saved.
  • 10x Anomalies detected.

Data Strategy Framework

End to end data platform and “Quick-win” AI use case implementation.

According to our well-established experienced framework, we identified the most impactful AI use cases and designed and implemented a suitable big data platform. From IoT data sources, raw real-time data is ingested and engineered into a set of clean, coherent data. Using a variety of data science tools, we visualize and transform data in AI use cases, covering the entire data analytics life cycle for the customer: a key asset to deliver full control of the process of extracting value from big data.


  • IT infrastructure management efficiency.
  • Lead generation improvement.
  • Churn rate reduction.

Critical IT Incident Prediction

Graph technology to prevent business application-level incidents.

We use graph technology to explicit the relationships between resources and digital data flows taking place within a business process in real-time. By mapping the ontology of the internal processes we develop mathematical and logical models that detect failures, spot wrong system configurations, prevent data leakage and assess risk to prevent incident and rank their impact according to automatic actions based on big data.


  • Real-time, dynamic monitoring and control.
  • Incident prediction and reduction.
  • Mapping of the overall infrastructure – application network.

Marketing Spend & Promo Optimization

Cross-channel marketing investment optimization.

Our solution helps marketing executives optimize the media mix budget allocation, on a variety of channels such as SEM, social, display, email and TV. We analyze the customer experience and explore marketing data to identify correlations, trends, seasonality, and outliers that characterize dynamic KPIs, to predict revenues according to the marketing spending or to estimate the necessary marketing budget to reach the revenues target 


  • Omnichannel conversion funnel modelling. 
  • Automatic marketing spending optimization.
  • Flexible analyses on market segments and external variables impact.

Customer Experience Personalization

Maximize engagement and conversions.

Using our AI-powered UX personalization software platform, we optimize the customer journey through all digital touchpoints. We analyze interaction data through advanced machine learning and classification algorithms to identify and propose contents to users that suit their preferences, creating bespoke 1-to-1 experiences. 


  • + 38% average money spent / user / month in media use case
  • + 7.7% total visits gap w.r.t main competitor in publishing use case
  • 1-to-1 personalization strategy
Moviri MLOps Implementation Framework

MLOps Implementation Framework

Shortening deploy, adoption and scaling of ML use cases in enterprises.

All-in-one blueprint and operating system to build, deploy and maintain machine learning models at scale according to MLOps principles and best practices.


  • Less time spent for AI model maintenance. 
  • More integration to developers and IT teams.
  • Less implementation time on company architectures.

Customer Data Platform

Advanced customer segmentation & behavioural analytics platform.

We provide the most effective solution to collect, manage and analyze data coming from your customer interactions. We integrate the architecture layer with the Analytics layer to create a solution that analyzes your customer base and enables business use cases, syncing behavioural data and preserving data quality.


  • Drive conversions.
  • Increase engagement.
  • Growth and revenue.
Moviri Customer Data Platform

Analytics Products

User Experience, Front and Center.

Compelling, relevant and adaptive customer experience is no longer a nice-to-have. ContentWise, technology developed by Moviri, automatically manages digital storefronts and catalog metadata to create superior customer experiences.

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