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We design future-ready IoT architectures, assemble enterprise-grade IoT data pipelines and deliver the insights our customers need to implement IoT initiatives.

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We use data, software, and insights to solve our customers' most substantial technology challenges.

IoT Services

IoT Consulting
IoT Consulting

With our consulting services, we work with customers to understand and unlock the value of IoT. We also help identify and refine business use cases, then create the technology blueprint with the selection of the IoT stack including hardware, software and cloud services.

IoT Security
IoT Security

We collaborate with our security team to guarantee the reliability and safety of IoT products. Our end-to-end security approaches start from securing physical devices against tampering, implement advanced cryptography, and build-in in proper security governance.

IoT Analytics
IoT Analytics

We collaborate with our analytics team providing advanced analytics expertise to help customers derive maximum value from the enormous amount of data generated by IoT. We develop solutions to automate processes and inform business decisions, applying AI-on-edge approaches that optimize the IoT architecture and operativity.

End-to-End System Integration
End-to-End System Integration

We build enterprise IoT systems integrating a vast network of sensors and smart devices combined with advanced analytics and cloud services. We cover the entire life cycle from the design phase to the setup and maintenance of the solution. We develop custom software or deploy packaged software that best serves the project goal.

IoT Solutions


Asset management, optimization, predictive maintenance.

Sensorization is crucial to the functionality of an Internet of Things initiative. It defines the trend of embedding sensing capabilities to “things” i.e. devices, machinery and equipment. Sensorization is primarily concerned with how technologies are integrated with multiple sensors and/or sensing technologies. This allows for data capture and analysis for a variety of applications like asset management, resource optimization, predictive maintenance, etc.


  • Real-time data and process collection.
  • Accurate and reliable assets monitoring. 
  • Continuous processes acceleration.

Smart City

Air quality, public lighting, safety and security.

We help municipalities and urban environments to adopt smart city concepts, based on IoT systems, optimizing the efficient management of community resources, operations and services. We support government officials and their business partners in creating connected smart system networks to improve transportation systems, build energy-efficient infrastructure, decrease environmental pollution, provide state-of-the-art security, prevent crimes and manage emergencies in public spaces.


  • Real-Time performance management.
  • Effective data-driven decision-making.
  • Continuous and efficient guarantee of key public services

Smart Agriculture

Integrated solutions for farming productivity and quality control.

Our IoT solutions create smart farming systems that drive higher yields without putting additional strain on the environment. We deploy specialized IoT communication technologies such as LoraWAN, Sigfox, NB-IoT, 5G, and help customers collect data from multiple in-field and in-building sensors to improve quality control and productivity.


  • Reduce costs.
  • Ensure sustainability.
  • Increase yield.

Smart Retail

In-store CX for retail, hospitality, banking.

Our solution is suited for shopping malls, supermarkets and other retail settings. We help retailers personalize the in-store customers experience thanks to applications such as intelligent reception, proactive concierging, virtual storage and dressing room, etc.


  • Consumer experience elevation.
  • Detailed customer segmentation for targeted marketing.
  • Real-time promotions and interaction.
  • Increased sales and reduced customer churn.

Product Servitization

From product-based to usage-based.

Product servitization enables organizations to extend their value chain in order to better serve their customers. We help machinery and equipment manufacturers and integrators instrument their products with sensors and IoT software so that they can collect data throughout the lifecycle of the product. This means they will have more real-time information about when and how their product is being used to enable new business models. For example, implementing a resource consumption measurement, an organization can adopt a pricing mechanism based on data coming from sensors.


  • Improved responses to customer needs.
  • Improved product innovation. 
  • Growth in revenue and profit.

IoT Products

Enable anyone to innovate, by making complex technology simple to use.
Arduino is the world’s leading open-source electronics hardware and software platform, used by more than 15 millions makers and IoT professionals worldwide. Moviri’s strategic investment in 2017 is its most recent bet on pioneering Italian talent and technology.

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