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We deliver best-in-class performance testing, monitoring, optimization and automation of mission-critical applications for the most demanding enterprise customers worldwide.

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We use data, software, and insights to solve our customers' most substantial technology challenges.

Performance Engineering Services

Design & Validation
Design & Validation

Our performance engineering design and validation services help companies build high-performance architectures and services. We are experts in performance testing and tuning, chaos engineering, autoscaling, and right-sizing, from evaluation to implementation.

Self-Driving Ops
Self-Driving Ops

We have built a distinct expertise in self-driving operations in production, such as AIOps, dynamic optimization, chaos testing, canary deployment and self-remediation, automatic discovery and real-time service mapping.


The entire range of IT operations as they relate to performance engineering: performance monitoring, digital performance management, end-user experience management, IT performance analytics and visualization.

Planning & Control
Planning & Control

We use a performance engineering approach to solve the IT cost equation, helping customers with their capacity planning and management processes, IT resource utilization accounting, chargeback and cost controls.

Performance Engineering Solutions

Peak Demand Events

Prevent outages and degradation during peak loads.​

We use stress testing, capacity planning, scalability and monitoring in production, to eliminate the risk of outages or service degradation during events that produce peak loads on systems and applications, such as Cyber Monday, campaigns or unplanned events.


  • Prevent outages
  • Avoid customer churn
  • Minimize cart abandonment

Kubernetes & Microservices

Improve cost and performance of containerized applications.

Tuning cloud-native microservices applications on Kubernetes is compelx. We safely minimizes container/pod resources while improving response time and throughput, thus preventing runaway costs and business risks.


  • Prevent cost overruns
  • Avoid performance bottlenecks
  • Improve service resilience

Agile, DevOps & CI/CD Automation

Performance engineering for modern pipelines.

Our agile, devops and continuous integration automation solutions incorporate performance engineering in the modern software development and delivery approach, so that customers can accelerate their ability to deliver innovation through software.


  • Integrate performance testing in CI/CD
  • Prevent customer experience impacts
  • Increase pace of innovation

AI-Powered Performance Engineering

Autonomous optimization driven by machine learning and automation.

The complexity of modern technology stacks and application pipelines requires end-to-end automation. We use machine learning techniques and the right tooling to create automated, full-stack, closed-loop performance engineering solutions.


  • Increased application performance
  • Cut cloud and infrastructure costs
  • Automate and accelerate testing


Datacenter & Cloud Optimization

Cost optimization, hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud strategies.

Our datacenter and cloud optimization solutions align infrastructure costs to business demand, whether in the enterprise datacenter, the public cloud or hybrid and multi-cloud architectures. We also help customers orchestrate their Go-to-cloud transition.


  • Accurately plan capacity requirements
  • Support IT accounting & chargeback
  • Ensure cloud migration is on budget

Open Source Performance Framework

Best-in-class open source tooling for development and ops.

We have packaged our open source expertise to help customers make sense of, and integrate, ever evolving open source tools and frameworks in performance management, building a reliable and efficient toolchain and ecosystem.


  • Deploy open source tools with confidence
  • Build reliable performance management stacks
  • Implement best practices and know-how


IoT & Client Side Performance

Device-level performance for mobile, web, edge, and things.

Mobile devices, IoT endpoints and RIA frameworks impose challenges that require to be addressed from new perspectives. We rethink the approach to specifically address fragmentation, limited resources, power, GUIs challenges and leverage crowd testing, front-end optimization, device and component emulators.


  • Optimize performance at the device level
  • Size resources for large-scale IoT projects
  • Find optimal power/performance tradeoffs

Performance Engineering Products

The Autonomous Performance Optimization AI
Akamas is a new, category-defining software that delivers autonomous and continuous performance optimization, powered by machine learning, extracting unprecedented levels of performance and cost savings from technology stacks.

Integrators for TrueSight Capacity Optimization.

Expanding the power of BMC TSCO.

One-click-deployment components for BMC TrueSight
Capacity Optimization that extend its integration with
all major monitoring technologies.

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