Faster Apps, Lower Bills: Optimizing Travel Search in the Cloud.

About the Company is a worldwide leader in online travel booking service based in London. 

  • Founded in 1998.
  • $2,35 billion annual revenue.
  • 1,200 employees.
  • Travel bookings in 35 countries.
  • Mission: To be the relevant and most inspiring travel company, committed to enriching the lives of travelers. 

The Business Challenge

To ensure scalability and availability during the peak-demand season, and to materialize the cost savings enabled by elasticity, planned to migrate most of its core business applications and microservices to the public cloud. 

The challenge that launched to Akamas, a Moviri company, was to reconcile two competing goals in JVM and container resource configuration for each of its microservices: maximize service throughput, while minimizing resource allocation.


Akamas algorithms, and its integration with mainstream monitoring and testing tooling, empowered to optimize multiple technology stack layers at the same time, operate 24/7, iteratively run tests, and find optimal configurations with minimal supervision, in a reliable and repeatable way. Akamas intelligent automation routinely outperforms template-based, trial-and-error optimization approaches.


Akamas deployed its performance AI to optimize a critical Java microservice in a Kubernetes cluster, resulting in:

  • Infrastructure cost savings.
  • Reduction in unplanned downtime.
  • Greater efficiency of the ops performance team.


Apache Tomcat Application Server powered by OpenJDK JVM running as a microservice in a Kubernetes cluster.

Results and Benefits

Lastminute optimized its Kubernetes Java microservices powering search in the cloud with our Akamas optimization AI technology.




3-year NPV


Increase in peak transaction volume


Cloud cost saving

Learn more about’s unique challenges, the approach we took, and how Akamas delivered unexpected performance and cost results in less than 2 weeks.