BMC Software recently announced the latest release of its Capacity Management solution TrueSight Capacity Optimization, due for GA release on December 19th.

The solution has been enhanced with:

  • Support for OpenStack environments
  • Combined management of both current infrastructure growth and new demand generated by IT initiatives
  • Support for the open source PostgreSQL as backend DBMS, in alternative to the already supported Oracle Database.

Moviri, in its continuous commitment to provide the best possible user experience to Truesight customers, is releasing version 7.0 of its connectors’ suite “Moviri Integrators for TrueSight Capacity Optimization”, concurrently with GA of Capacity Optimization 10. Customers adopting, or upgrading to, the latest Capacity Optimization version will seamlessly be able to leverage data from 3rd-party tools integrated by the Moviri suite.

Several enhancements were introduced in our 7.0 release:

  • All integrators have been brought up to full compatibility with Capacity Optimization 10.0, both on Oracle and PostgreSQL DBMS

Check out our Moviri Integrators for TrueSight Capacity Optimization and do not hesitate to contact us with any question you may have about our products.