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Moviri Integrator for TrueSight Capacity Optimization

Leverage a consolidated integration expertise to extend the capabilities of BMC Software’s TrueSight Capacity Optimization in extracting data from existing monitoring tools


tap_premier_logo_2014 Moviri Integrator for TrueSight Capacity Optimization* is a suite of one-click-deployment additional components for Moviri Integrator for BMC’s TrueSight Capacity Optimization, a ready to use solution increasing the coverage of the Capacity Management process. Moviri Integrator for TrueSight Capacity Optimization leverages 10 years of experience in integrating BMC’s capacity management solution with existing monitoring tools:

  • Take advantage of already-in-place data collection tools to broaden IT capacity visibility and improve analysis and modeling effectiveness
  • Zero-time and cost-effective solution for rapid results, distributed as one-click-deployment packages
  • Fully integrated into your TrueSight Capacity Optimization instance, no additional software required

Extend the portfolio of supported integrations for TrueSight Capacity Optimization

Easily deploy officially supported connectors, ready to retrieve a wide range of KPIs: performance metrics, application workloads, configurations, events and more.


*Moviri Integrator for TrueSight Capacity Optimization was formerly known as Moviri Integration for BMC Capacity Optimization (BCO)

Why Capacity Optimization
with Moviri?

  • With more than 10 years of experience in capacity management, Moviri is the partner of choice to design and implement capacity management solutions.
  • Moviri methodologies apply to various technology domains, such as network, storage, virtual and physical servers,  applications, data centers and licenses.
  • Moviri developed Caplan (now TrueSight Capacity Optimization), the market leading capacity management software, sold to BMC in 2010.