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Moviri runs for good

It is Moviri consultants’ ordinary work to make applications and IT Systems perform at their best. On April 7th was their turn though at the Milan City Marathon to show  how fast they can go on feet. Moviri participated with two teams at the Relay format of the marathon, where each team member covers one of the four legs of the course.

Moviri Running Tasks” team -composed by Roberto, Riccardo, Mirko and Luigi- completed the famous 42km and 197m distance in 3:36:22. After slightly more than 20 minutes “Moviri Speedup Test” finisher -Andrea- stopped the clock at 3:57:52, concluding the work started in the morning by Claudio and continued by Stefano and Paolo. Despite the adverse weather forecast that threatened the runners for the whole week, it was a delightful early spring day and everyone enjoyed the sport-and-fun event.

Moviri gladly joined the charitable aspect promoted by the Relay Marathon and decided to direct the charity-dedicated amount of the subscription fee to Life for Madagascar Onlus and Fondazione Francesca Rava NPH Italia Onlus.

It is already time to train for next year edition!

MCM Moviri Running Tasks team