Amazon Braket blog post
Implementing a Recommendation Engine with Amazon Braket

We detail an approach to solving a feature selection problem that implements a recommendation engine using Amazon Braket – the quantum computing service by Amazon Web Services.

Cybereason Italian Partner Moviri
Cybereason and Moviri partner to end cyber threats

Moviri’s consulting expertise and Cybereason’s technology will improve existing security operations to match an ever-shifting threat landscape.

Moviri terrace by night
The Elastic Workplace

Rethinking the way we work to become a more flexible, agile, and productive organization.

SharkBot Cleafy
SharkBot: a new generation of Android Trojans is targeting banks in Europe

At the end of October 2021, a new Android banking trojan was discovered and analyzed by the Cleafy TIR team.

Arduino cloud lora blog
Connect to Arduino Cloud from far away with LoRaWAN and The Things Stack

The Things Stack (TTS) and Arduino Cloud are now fully interfaced. When you configure a LoRaWAN® device now, it’ll automatically be registered on TTS platform, too

Akamas Kubernetes Optimization
How I learned to love Kubernetes and stop worrying about costs and SLOs

The benefits of Kubernetes from a performance perspective are undisputable. However, not everything is shining bright in Kubernetes-land.

Portenta H7 arduino
Portenta H7 Lite Connected hits another sweet spot for pro users

Portenta H7 was launched last year. Now we have a new product that fills the gap between the previous two versions.

Moviri training Collegio Einaudi
A new collaboration between Moviri and Fondazione Collegio Universitario di Torino Renato Einaudi

Over the next two months, Moviri together with Fondazione Collegio Universitario Einaudi will organize a series of training workshops for the students of this prestigious organization based in Turin.

Moviri Splunk Elite Partner
Splunk Elite partnership

Moviri was confirmed once again as Splunk Elite partner. We are glad to continue our 10+ year long partnership with Splunk.

Arduino Nicla
Arduino Nicla Sense ME makes sense of the world

Nicla is Arduino Pro’s new family of modular, intelligent products that are easy to use, versatile and accessible.