Within the first month of the partnership, Moviri’s customers reduced costs for Amazon EC2 On-Demand with Zesty’s automated solutions powered by machine learning

Tel Aviv, Israel, and Milan, Italy – June 20, 2023 –– Zesty, a pioneer in automated cloud cost optimization, today announced that it has partnered with Moviri, a Milan-headquartered technology consulting group with expertise in performance engineering and capacity management.

The partnership will bring Zesty’s suite of cloud infrastructure optimization technologies to the region. With hundreds of customers across the US, UK, and the EU, enterprises using Zesty save up to 60% on AWS EC2 spend and up to 70% on AWS EBS costs, resulting in annual savings of millions of dollars.

The Italian cloud computing market has grown consistently since 2018, a trend that is expected to continue in the coming years. As the adoption of cloud services increases, cloud cost control has become a top concern of many IT leaders across industries. Zesty’s innovative technology uses machine learning to analyze and optimize cloud infrastructure in real time, resulting in significant cost savings and improved time efficiency.

With this partnership, Zesty’s advanced cloud management capabilities have become an integral part of Moviri’s cloud cost optimization offering. Matching its long-established expertise in performance engineering with best-of-breed technologies allows Moviri to create customized solutions that improve IT infrastructure, manage costs, and optimize business processes.

With a proven track record of excellence for more than two decades, Moviri is the perfect partner as Zesty expands its global presence,”

said Maxim Melamedov, CEO of Zesty.

The dramatic growth of cloud use in Europe has made it a central market for Zesty, and we look forward to bringing cost optimization solutions to cloud users across Italy.“

Since embracing Zesty, our DevOps team achieves peak operational efficiency with seamless cloud optimization, empowering us to focus on application performance,”

said Alessandro Vacca, COO of ContentWise, one of the first Moviri customers to implement Zesty’s solutions.

In the last couple of years, cloud costs have become a major concern for our customers,”

said Davide Brunelli, Director, Performance Engineering at Moviri.

As we focused on helping customers control costs, it made perfect sense to partner with a leading technology like Zesty to complete our Cloud Cost Optimization offering.”

Cloud experts from Zesty and Moviri will be attending the AWS summit in Milan. Please book a time to meet at the event if you would like to learn more.

About Zesty

Zesty helps organizations to be more adaptable to changing business needs by making their cloud infrastructure more dynamic. With offerings for compute, block storage, and Kubernetes, Zesty automatically scales resources to meet application demands in real-time. This helps DevOps teams to slash cloud costs, maintain perfect app performance, minimize the hassle of managing infra, and fully realize the true flexibility of the cloud.

Founded in 2019 Zesty was built with the vision of making the cloud more affordable and accessible. With three offices in San Mateo, Tel Aviv, and Kiev, Zesty is supporting thousands of organizations to get maximum value out of their cloud infrastructure.

About Moviri

Moviri masters the power of transformative technologies to help companies achieve unprecedented levels of business performance. Moviri focuses its technology consulting offering on hard technology challenges with large-scale business impact in Performance Engineering, Cybersecurity, Analytics and IoT.

The Moviri Consulting Performance Engineering team optimizes IT systems to make them responsive, infinitely scalable, reliable, resilient and cost effective. With decades of experience at the forefront of performance optimization technology development and implementation, Moviri’s professionals are among the most sought-after subject-matter experts in the world.

By working with some of the most demanding enterprise customers worldwide, Moviri has systematically spun-off, and invested in, industry-leading software companies such as Arduino, Akamas, Cleafy and ContentWise. Founded in Italy in 2000, Moviri is a multinational group with customers in 30 countries and offices in Milan, Boston, Los Angeles and Singapore.

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