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(Here you can find the 1st part of the post) There were so many interesting sessions that I wished I was able to travel across space and time to attend them all, but I’m not quite there yet, so I had to pick some. I mostly focused on sessions in the Performance and Metrics & Monitoring categories and would like to spend few words about those I enjoyed the most.
  • Extreme web performance for mobile devices by Maximiliano Firtman (@firt). I totally agree with him on “responsive design” is a mean and not the end goal for user experience. I believe any of us has at least once used a awesome-looking website with terrible performance, and I also believe that the overall experience was unsatisfactory for the majority of us. He also gave very convincing numbers about how complex is to have consistent performance given the extreme diversity in mobile device configurations.
  • Measuring the performance of single page web applications by Nic Jansma (@nicj) and Philip Tellis (@bluesmoon). Frameworks are nice and speed up coding, custom framework are even nicer because grant total control, but can turn into a nightmare when it come to troubleshooting performance problems. Especially when the framework you’ve coded against override the standard navigation timing and resource timing API and your monitoring tool is ineffective and leaves you in the dark.
  • Building real-time metrics pipelines by Samantha Quiñones (@ieatkillerbees). Publicly stating you’ve failed is never easy, and saying you failed three times is even harder, unless you understand the meaning behind “fail fast, fail cheap” mantra. She understands it very well and now her system is live, meets performance expectation, and most importantly generate business value for her company.
  • Alert overload: How to adopt a microservices architecture without being overwhelmed with noise by Sarah Wells (@sarahjwells). She definitely is not afraid of the (in)famous “microservices deathstar” (simply google it for some examples), and not because she’s a Jedi (well, maybe she is) but because she defined and thoroughly executed a strategy to address the challenges of monitoring such architectures.
As a Movirian, Velocity Conference is a great place where to learn from peers, to bring them your experience from successful projects and to have fun.

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