Amsterdam Moviri
Performance Data Reporting – Velocity Amsterdam

In this post, I’ll go through some interesting hints around “performance data reporting”. Even if this is not a fancy or trending topic the solutions proposed to address issues that are quite common (and often underestimated) for most performance engineers.

Amsterdam Moviri
Moviri at Velocity Conference 2015 – (Part II)

Build Resilient System at Scale (Here you can find the 1st part of the post) There were so many interesting sessions that I wished I was able to travel across space and time to attend them all, but I’m not

Amsterdam Moviri
Moviri at Velocity Conference 2015 – (Part I)

Build Resilient System at Scale Amsterdam installment of 2015 Velocity Conference was all about building end-to-end optimization through rapid development, continuous deployment, deft instrumentation, and automated feedback loops. DevOps together with Microservices, Container, and Optimization were the words most used

Loadrunner in the cloud: testing everywhere you need

The new version 12 of Loadrunner and Performance Center, HP introduces several new features to the testing market-leading software and adds some enhancements that will leverage the time-to-test and extend the technical testing capabilities of the solution.

Barcelona Moviri
HP Discover 2013 Highlights

From December 9 to 12, the annual Hewlett Packard european convention, HP Discover, (@HPDiscover) took place in Barcelona. The most discussed themes in software were Security, Big Data and Mobility.

Evolve your APM strategy with Mobile Monitoring

What are the right tests for your company ? The objectives bring you to the right decision.

The Software Testing Jungle: what are the right tests for your company ?

What are the right tests for your company? Focus on the desired outcome and objectives to drive the decision.

Virtual Environments Capacity Management: Why You Need Guest Level Metrics

Why use guest level metrics, when virtualization platforms already gives you a wealth of metrics? We are going to perform some experiments and see...

Performance Testing: The importance of (not) being a factory

There are several approaches to performance testing. Very often performance testing is only considered after some critical disruption occurred in production, causing costly service losses. It is time to change this !

Santa Clara University Moviri
Moviri at Velocity Conference 2012 – Day 3

Santa Clara, June 27, 2012 – Our last day at the Velocity Conference 2012. The morning session is organized like the previous one, with several talks grouped by the two main topics of the conference: Stronger and Faster. The exhibit