Amsterdam Moviri

Build Resilient System at Scale

Amsterdam installment of 2015 Velocity Conference was all about building end-to-end optimization through rapid development, continuous deployment, deft instrumentation, and automated feedback loops. DevOps together with Microservices, Container, and Optimization were the words most used during speeches and keynotes. Well, no surprises here if you think that those IT organizations that embraced their underlying concepts emerged as clear leader and innovators (Netflix, Uber, Facebook, and the like). Keynotes were inspiring and fun, here are some takeaways:
  • A team of three people can move all your services to a new datacenter overnight from hotel wifi connection, provided you have the right bottle of whiskey (Genesis: Terraforming a New Home for Firefox Crash Reporter – JP Schneider & Daniel Maher);
  • Most probably your next customer will come from the Asia given the projected population will be 5 billion by 2050 and forecasted online retail spending for China only will be 1 trillion USD by 2019 (Ensuring a High Performing Web for the Next Billion People – Bruce Lawson);
  • Conversational computing which you can think of as the evolution of current personal digital assistants like Siri (Apple), Iris (Android), Cortana (Windows) is fast progressing although you can only either fly a drone or have it take a picture, but not at the same time (A Day in the Life: An Immersive Data Experience – David Boloker).
Looking at tools in the APM domain, there are two clear trends driving their roadmaps: 1) ease of deployment and administration so that you no longer need to ask your precious systems, dba, and middleware experts to take care of them (much more true for SaaS deployment options); 2) increase of capabilities and features coming from the Analytics domain with the goal of making it easier to slice and dice data and better monitor what matters. This will probably lead to all-in-one offering fitting for small organization or project with low complexity, while big organizations will keep building their best of breed solution out of market offerings. If you like to learn more about the amazing breakout sessions,  take a look at the 2nd part.

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