Today BMC released the latest version of its Capacity Management solution: BMC Capacity Optimization 9.5. Among the brand new features and many enhancements, the key ones are:

  • Improved simplicity in reports creation, with new chart formats and options, including the ability to include comments and descriptions directly within basic reports created in the web console
  • Enhanced vSphere views with new OOTB recommendations for vSphere that can provide guidance on how to reduce the risk and how to increase the efficiency of vSphere infrastructure
  • The vCloud Visibility View,  a brand new capacity view on vCloud Director constructs, such as vOrgs, vApps and virtual Data Centers

Moviri and BMC tight collaboration allows Moviri to deliver BCO add-ons that provide full compatibility with new BCO released. Today Moviri launches version 6.5 of its Moviri Integration for BMC Capacity Optimization suite, which is already certified to support BCO 9.5 on the same day of the availability of the new BMC version. The Moviri connectors suite seamlessly extract and ingest capacity-relevant data into BCO from a variety of third-parties IT Service Management tools including IBM Tivoli, Microsoft SCOM and Splunk.

 “We are proud of our long-standing partnership with Moviri,” says BMC Senior Product Manager Giuseppe Nardiello, “they bring their knowledge of the field in the form of effective and complete integrations to our solutions, which really complements and extends our holistic vision of the Capacity Management practice”.