With release 6.0 of its integration suite for BMC capacity management solutions, BMC Capacity Optimization (BCO), Moviri introduces today its first Splunk Enterprise connectors. Moviri Integration for BCO – Splunk integrates Business Drivers, web transaction volume metrics and UNIX/Windows performance metrics, enabling a continuous data flow between Splunk and BCO for capacity-relevant metrics.  The integration comprises three connectors, targeted at different data transfer scenarios:

  • Splunk Generic: allows to import virtually any KPI, related both to organization-specific business processes and applications or to IT infrastructure utilization. A handy mechanism is provided to map data that can be extracted performing Splunk search queries into BCO metrics.
  • Splunk Web Logs: imports web volumes for NCSA-compliant web servers (e.g. Apache) and Microsoft internet Information Services web servers, that are monitored by Splunk in a Splunk standard fashion.
  • Splunk Unix and Windows: imports performance counters for Unix and Windows systems, that are monitored by Splunk in a Splunk standard fashion.


Splunk is increasingly becoming the product of choice for processing machine-generated data to gain the “operational intelligence” needed for troubleshooting and real-time application monitoring. As more data is stored in Splunk, more Capacity Management data can be extracted from it and successfully leveraged by a dedicated tool like BMC Capacity Optimization.  Moviri Integration for BCO – Splunk helps in connecting the two worlds by providing a powerful and easy to setup mechanism to transfer data from one tool to the other. Specifically leveraging the Splunk Generic connector, the integration enables a complete Business Capacity Management process, by making business metrics indexed by Splunk readily available to BMC Capacity Optimization. Once the data is imported, the full power of BCO analytics and modeling can be applied through:

  • Baselining, anomalies detection; trending and forecasting over the newly imported time series
  • Comparison and correlation between business metrics and already present IT infrastructure utilization
  • Model creation and verification over time; What-if analysis in terms of business scenarios; Optimization

Moviri and BMC add the new integration to the existing portfolio of officially supported integrations:

Moviri Integrations for BCO are connectors provided as one-click-deploy packages, a ready to use solution sold on BMC MarketZone and ensured with the same level of support as the BMC native connectors; they increase coverage of the Capacity Management process enabling additional integrations in BCO.

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