Discover how and why we are going to help you  maximize the return on your BCO investment Since 2006 Moviri has been involved in many companies to design, implement and run their capacity management process; we worked in close relationship with our customers, delivering a range of services that varies from a simple BCO ETL development to being part of steering committees to share with C-levels the results of yearly capacity planning exercise.

These have been our practices for years and, early 2012, Moviri has been engaged by some customers to define an advanced support on their own BCO environments and capacity processes.

They faced two main issues: BCO skills are still hard to be found (BMC Software acquired our solution 2,5 years ago), (expert) capacity planners are few, salaries are often high.

The brainstorming sessions were useful indeed and, eventually, requirements boiled down to:

  • flexibility, to cope with unpredictable type and amount of capacity-related work over time

  • efficiency, to ensure results are achieved in BCO in a timely manner and w.r.t. a given service level

  • cost effectiveness, to engage professional services only when needed, on-demand.

This model has been proven to be a win-win solution for both customers and Moviri.

Saying win-win, we mean we had the great opportunity to consolidate relationships with our customers which increased  at the same time visibility at the eyes of other teams, service lines, management, etc.. We worked together to create more and more value around capacity management.

Twelve months later and after several customers rushed for it, we decided Moviri Managed BCO service to be available to all customers that are new to BCO, are about to deploy or have already deployed BMC Capacity Optimization platform as the enterprise platform to support capacity management operations can now take advantage of Moviri Managed BCO.

The name Moviri Managed BCO represents what we do for our customers: we take care of BCO, we run and extend it and we let you focus on the process instead of the technology behind the scene.

Nobody knows BCO like Moviri: we have more than 10 years of expertise in both Capacity Planning and BCO managed more than 50 implementations all around the world, including the largest ones,  developing adapters for 100+ third parties enterprise and custom tools, created thousands of reports and dashboards and becoming a BMC MarketZone Direct partner.

Moviri Managed BCO aims at improving the maturity of capacity management process, regardless the level reached so far or the current scope of BCO deployment.

While designing this service we understood that, at an early stage of a platform implementation, our customer might not have the clear picture on how to run the solution and extend it. For this reason Moviri Managed BCO service doesn’t require complex statement of works to start. Even at the Bronze Level you can decide, day by day, to engage Moviri and pay only if activities are delivered; at the Silver and Gold level activities can be delivered on demand as well, but BCO administration and maintenance are always included, meaning that we take care of keeping up and running BCO, we maintain the data flow and we update it.

Are you planning an upgrade to a major BCO version?

Do you need a team that takes commitment ensuring the daily BCO data flow is up & running and you’re not losing data? Do you need to perform a historical data recovery?

Should you embark a new, complex technology in BCO such as IBM TPC?

Have you been required by a service manager to deliver a capacity dashboard within a couple of days?

Any activity you can think about is listed in the Moviri Managed BCO catalogue, as well as its cost in terms of token.  After you purchase a bucket of tokens:

  • you ask Moviri to perform an activity

  • Moviri replies you validating the activity and the number of tokens required

  • upon your acceptance the activity starts

  • Moviri notifies you about activity completion

Moviri Managed BCO is configured in three levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold) to fit 100% your organization and your need. Download our datasheet and the whitepaper to learn more about it.