The new version 12 of Loadrunner and Performance Center, HP introduces several new features to the testing market-leading software and adds some enhancements that will leverage the time-to-test and extend the technical testing capabilities of the solution.


Cloud-based Load Generators

It is now possible to inject load from cloud services through Amazon Web Services: with this solution, customers with internet exposed application can execute load tests in an hybrid mode with a mix of load generators within their network (as for the preview version of LG) and load generators in the cloud, in order to simulate traffic from all over the world.

Enhanced support for Mobile Testing

It is now possible to test any mobile application, simply by using Android application (on rooted devices) and integrating Shunra Network Virtualization, that allows customers to discover and then virtualize real-world network conditions in the test environment, simulating different location and bandwidth situations.

New VuGen Testing Script Recording Features

It’s now possible to use the latest versions of most common browsers (not only IE 11, but also FireFox 23 and Chrome 30) for scripts recording. With the new integration with Wireshark and Fiddler, customers can now generate scripts in an easier way, avoiding use of custom requests for calls not recorded by the VuGen.

With several protocol enhancements, recording SPDY, HTML5, Flex, SilverLight (and much more) will no longer be a problem. The new TruClient to Web/HTTP converter utility allows you to reduce time to script, supporting simple Web as well as modern JavaScript-based applications and reducing scripting time.

Platforms Support Enhancements

Product installation is now possible also in Windows Server 2012 and without administrative accounts, with UAC and DEP enabled. This meets the needs of customers with strong security policies. The integration with Jenkins, and latest versions of Eclipse Juno, JUnit, and Selenium is now supported as well.

And more!

Many other enhancements on Continuous integration, new Protocol support are available with HP Loadrunner and Performance Center 12. You can find a full list at the following links: