Barcelona Moviri
From December 9 to 12, the annual Hewlett Packard European convention, HP Discover, (@HPDiscover) took place in Barcelona. For the second time in a row, the Californian behemoth delivered the full firepower of its business units: Hardware & Networking, Printing & Personal Solutions, Software, Services, with more than 800 sessions throughout the event. The most discussed themes in software were Security, Big Data and Mobility. Some highlights:
  • The annual HP-Capgemini report on “world testing trends” (built with data provided by 1500 clients), You can get the report here.
  • The Accenture customer case study on Security, for a global oil and gas enterprise customer, which featured clear evidence of how the impact and the effectiveness of cyber attacks often depend more on social context and the industry, rather than on technology.
  • The software product roadmaps and news did not deliver the “splash” we were used to expect from HP and Mercury, but rather focused mostly on the integration in the HP product ecosystem of the many solutions and products recently acquired, especially Vertica and Autonomy. As well as they paid particular attention to open source solutions that ara gaining traction in the market.
  • The demo of Autonomy implemented in inside a social media center, which included real time dashboards with sentiment analysis, tends and any message or post on the web that had to do with HP Discover. Not immediately applicable to Moviri’s business maybe, but visually impactful nonetheless.
HP Discover was also a great opportunity to meet and converse with our customers, to identify new business opportunities and to plan jointly with HP for the upcoming year. Finally, what better occasion to be in Barcelona and enjoy a tennis-like scoring soccer match at Camp Nou stadium between the Blaugrana e the beaten up Scots of Celtic football club?