Moviri training Collegio Einaudi

Over the next two months, Moviri together with Fondazione Collegio Universitario Einaudi will organize a series of training workshops for the students of this prestigious organization based in Turin.

Fondazione Collegio Einaudi

Collegio Einaudi is a private non-profit foundation founded in 1935. By managing five “Collegi di Merito” recognized and accredited by the MUR (Ministry of Universities and Research), Collegio Einaudi accommodates over 800 deserving university students every year.

Collegio’s offer combines high-quality residential halls with personalized multidisciplinary training experiences, and a rich and stimulating community life. Collegio is an environment in which to grow up, following the guiding values of merit and the development of potential.

The University of Turin, Polytechnic of Turin, Compagnia di San Paolo and Fondazione CRT are its Institutional Founders and Contributors.

The collaboration with Moviri

During each of the meetings, our employees will describe the work they do and the business line/company they work for. The participants will have the opportunity to ask questions directly to experts in the Performance Engineering domain.

The objective of this initiative is to let the students know how the business works and what they will face once they graduate from university. In general, there are at least two paths a student of ICT or Data Science disciplines can decide to embrace once graduated. 

In Moviri, for example, they can choose to become a software engineer or a consultant. We will explore the few differences between these two career paths during our training workshops. We believe that students should have a clear understanding in order to make the best choice.

We consider a close and direct reality check with those who work in the fields our students are envisioning for their first professional step can be key to them. We thank Moviri for having proactively endorsed this idea and for the expertise and passion will be capable to bring to our students.”


Laura Viada 

Training Director, Collegio Einaudi

The first meeting will be held on October 19th. Luca Cisoni will present Moviri Group and explain what we and our companies do.

During the second meeting (October 26th) Luca will be joined by two Consultants that work in the Performance Engineering team. They will talk about how a consultant’s life works and Luca will present a successful client use case.

The third meeting (November 9th) will be focused on an Engineering Case Study, presented by a Movirian IT Performance Engineer. The title of the use case is Understanding and measuring CPU throttling in containerized environments.

The topic of the fourth and final meeting (November 16th) will be Research and Development. The speakers will be two Software Engineers that work for Akamas, one of our companies. They will talk about their typical work-day as Software Engineers and about what Akamas does.

We are very thrilled to start this collaboration. We hope the Collegio Einaudi students will enjoy this discovery learning path!