BMC Chicago 2015

Andrea Gallo and Renato Bonomini of Moviri report from the Willis Tower, which hosted the BMC Technology Day 2015 in Chicago on March 11th. BMC Software showcased the updated TrueSight portfolio and for Moviri it was the perfect opportunity to discuss trending technologies and solutions with customers and partners.

The event at the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower and for 25 years the tallest building in the world) was organized in five different rooms, one for each BMC portfolio pillar in the distributed world , where each room hosted several sessions where attendees shared success stories and use cases. Herb Van Hook, BMC’s VP and Deputy CTO, and Tony Seba, lecturer from Stanford University, delivered the opening keynote. Similarly to BMC Engage 2014 in Orlando, the keynote focused on the new “Digitalization era” and on what is everyone’s position on these new disruptive technologies. No matter what you or the market think, the future is now!

The break-out sessions included discussions around several topics – let’s summarize the hot ones:

  • Less click, more value – Ease of access to the important information, tailored to customer needs (the Vodafone experience with SmartIT).
  • Power is nothing without control – infrastructure continuously growing in dimension and complexity, with companies aiming to achieve clearer visibility of its composition and status.
  • Disruptive Benefits with IT Cost Transparency – how BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization helped HCSC.
  • What it takes to be a Capacity Planner – the journey from a simple spreadsheets to a full-blown and mature Business Aware Capacity Management system and the skills that help in the job.

Two sessions in particular saw Moviri being mentioned several times in Performance Management & Analytics:

Session 2: Customer Case Study Health Care Services Corp (HCSC)

Our friend Ben Davies from Health Care Services Corporation set the motto of the day to “suck less” while describing the journey that enabled cost transparency at HCSC. The key business benefits, as Ben mentioned, were achieved with Moviri’s help to get onto the right direction and avoid “shooting ourselves in the head”, to the point where HSCS scaled the process from “1 to 150 applications in 90secs”.

Session 4: Proactively Adapting to Changes in IT – Customer and Product Mgmt. Q&A Panel

Moviri joined a very interesting Q&A Panel, moderated by Clem Chang of BMC Software, where participants were able to share their thoughts on the topic ‘Future trends of IT’. Renato, together with BMC software consultants and product managers, had the chance to share the vision and discuss how to proactively adapt to an ever changing IT world. The hottest topics discussed were:

  • Big Data & Cloud – How can IT Operations and Capacity Managers support these technologies? Moviri is in the front line and we are ready to announce new solutions for capacity of big-data.
  • A single console to rule them all – Is there a plan to merge all of the different consoles into a unified platform? Having an holistic view is the greatest help to connect the dots and stay ahead of application failures. Furthermore, the introduction of IT Data Analytics is designed to streamline operations to find and resolve outages causes as quickly as possible.
  • “We can’t find good capacity planners!” – a few organizations attending the panel pointed out that it’s very hard to find capacity planners with any level experience.

The Moviri team in Chicago shared what some of the key skills and common profiles of good capacity specialists are. That is, after all, what Moviri does best. If you are looking for some solid capacity skills, make sure you take a minute to talk to our experts.