Capacity Management

Ensure your infrastructure, computing and storage are the right size for the job. Now and tomorrow.

Network Capacity Management


Enterprise IT network infrastructure is the backbone on which software and services run. Moviri’s customers need to model data center and branch LANs, MANs and WANs, uncover and predict possible network congestions, evaluate residual capacity at the device and link level, determine typical workloads (e.g. connected users) and understand how they correlate with resources usage.

Moviri Capabilities

Moviri provides customers with the ability to track capacity metrics at the data center overview level all the way down to each individual interface and correlate network performance and capacity KPIs with data from business metrics such as marketing transaction data:

  • Gain visibility over network bandwidth utilization and actual capacity of network devices
  • Analyze, predict and simulate what-if events on bandwidth and network devices
  • Monitor current and future service levels to understand if they comply with QoS goals
  • Identify how network delay and packet loss impact on service quality

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Physical & Virtual Server Capacity


Effectively managing computing resources and assets can significantly reduce TCO and ensure optimal allocation of computing power to the applications that need it. Customers who want to identify consolidation opportunities, increase resource usage or that are embarking onto virtualization initiatives will most benefit from Moviri’s expertise and toolset.

Moviri Capabilities

Moviri integrates custom and 3rd party tools and CMDBs, with a particular emphasis on partner technologies such as BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization and an open catalog to import and manage any performance and capacity KPI. The reporting dashboards include out-of-the-box reports for physical and virtual environments, storage and mainframe and they are fully interactive and can be customized by end users with drag & drop features.

  • Rely on existing monitoring tools to automatically collect and store data
  • Evaluate residual capacity, perform what-if analyses and identify bottlenecks
  • Enable consolidation exercises (P2V, V2V), increase the usage of resources (efficiency) and drive technology refresh initiatives

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Storage Capacity Management

Storage management involves multiple and distinct technology layers such as databases, operating systems, logical volume managers and clustering. Exploding storage demand makes it imperative for organizations to determine what is the real storage capacity, how much storage is currently used and how, when new storage should be procured and how storage is distributed across the enterprise technology stack such as clusters and volume groups.

Moviri Capabilities

Moviri builds storage capacity models that enable the identification of how storage is used across the storage architecture and the actual available residual capacity. Moviri implements forecasts algorithms to estimate how storage hardware health metrics translate into a prediction and probability of failure.

  • Gain visibility over consumption/capacity KPIs
  • See how storage is used by components (e.g. database > cluster > volume group > storage box) and by consumption category (e.g. database vs. operating system)
  • Enable accounting, showback and chargeback
  • Predict usage growth and estimate days to crash
  • Apply what-if scenarios e.g. estimate the new crash date if the space is decreased by 10%

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Application Capacity Management

Service Managers must have a clear understanding of the maximum volume of business transactions that the existing systems can reliably support. Regardless the number of available CPUs, it is of paramount importance to know the amount of business volume (e.g. sales transactions, user registrations, etc) your system can manage before degradation of service and slow response times create service issues and consequently, financial and goodwill damage. Customers turn to Moviri to get the help they need to measure the business capacity of their IT infrastructure, to right-size it based on real workload demands and to predict when new capacity will have to be procured, optimizing their IT expenditures.

Moviri Capabilities

Moviri unique approach provides business-aligned capacity models representing how service workloads interact with the infrastructure. Service capacity models enable customers to predict service performance, enable timely resource provisioning and defer (or avoid) additional IT investments.

  • Gain visibility about your service residual capacity in terms of business KPIs
  • Identify your system bottlenecks to increase service capacity without overspending
  • Perform what-if simulations to understand how hardware or software changes impact your service capacity
  • Predict when your capacity will be exhausted or if new business initiatives can be supported while meeting service levels
  • Discover how to right-size and balance your IT infrastructure, cut unjustified resources and associated costs (e.g. license, energy, maintenance)

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Datacenter Capacity Management

Energy is the fastest-growing share of datacenter costs, yet typically very little visibility exists on where all that energy goes. Power and cooling multi-million infrastructure investments represent around 80% of datacenter TCO, yet they are often largely over-provisioned and waste around half the total energy consumed. Servers are no better: underutilization is the norm, yet they consume full power. Effective datacenter capacity management is key to identify inefficiencies and optimization opportunities, exploit existing capacity and improve productivity while cutting operational expenses and avoiding costly upgrades.

Moviri Capabilities

Moviri approaches datacenter capacity management holistically, modeling the interdependency between facilities and IT equipment power consumption. By gathering metrics directly from the IT equipment, it is possible to achieve visibility on real power consumption and temperature, which creates direct benefits for power provisioning, cooling right-sizing and IT server efficiency.

  • Get visibility about the facility and IT utilization and efficiency (e.g. work done per kwh or dollar)
  • Exploit existing rack power and cooling capacity, enable safe temperature increases thanks to server thermal metrics
  • Increase datacenter life by identifying and fixing power hogs, comatose and inefficient servers
  • Predict when new power, cooling or space capacity will be exhausted and evaluate what-if scenarios to support growth
  • Enable cost accounting, forecasting and chargeback to business units or services
  • Predict how power consumption varies with respect to server utilization or business increase

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Capacity Partner Highlight: BMC Software

Nobody knows BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization software and solutions like Moviri.

 BMC logo

BMC Software

BMC offers a comprehensive approach and unified platform that helps IT organizations cut cost, reduce risk and drive business profit. Moviri, as BMC Technology Alliance Program partner, ships Moviri Integrator for TrueSight Capacity Optimization, a suite of connectors that extend customer capacity management processes to IBM Tivoli Monitoring, HP Reporter, Microsoft SCOM Data Warehouse and Entuity data.

Moviri Managed TSCO

The service offering for BMC TrueSightCapacity Optimization (TSCO) customers designed to maximize the return on their TSCO investment.

Built for TSCO customers

Have you just rolled out TSCO or are planning to implement TSCO solutions? Let the IT Optimization experts help you make sure you reap the rewards of your investment for years to come. Moviri Managed TSCO is a service offering specifically designed for TSCO customers.

A service that fits your needs

Regardless of the maturity level of your Capacity Management process or the capacity management tool implementation, Moviri can engage with the appropriate mix of services all the way to full TSCO outsourcing.

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Key Benefits

  • Staff the appropriate skills and expertise from day one
  • Fully realize the ROI of TSCO implementation
  • Develop custom connectors for TSCO and 3rd-party installed products
  • Establish and enforce Capacity Management processes
  • Perform continuous Capacity Planning and Optimization

Why Capacity Management
with Moviri?

  • With more than 18 years of experience in capacity management, Moviri is the partner of choice to design and implement capacity management solutions.
  • Moviri methodologies apply to various technology domains, such as network, storage, virtual and physical servers,  applications, data centers and licenses.
  • Moviri developed Caplan (now TrueSight Capacity Optimization), the market-leading capacity management software, sold to BMC in 2010.

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