BMC Digital IT Day Italia

Moviri is platinum sponsor at BMC Digital IT Day Milano.

In your organization, are IT and Business walking at the same pace like two climbing partners?

Register at the event to discover how Digital Monitoring and Capacity Management, together with IT speed, agility and data-driven analyses helped our customers in achieving this goal in the digital transformation era.

During the Digital Revolution panel we will present a case study on a capacity management implementation for an Italian Bank: what we are doing together with BMC and our customer, and how to get to where we want to be in the near future.

There is more.

In the afternoon, during the breakout session, we will showcase an innovative approach for capacity management of Java applications.

Are you more a face-to-face type? At Genius Lab you can ask our experts questions on also other topics like Acconting and Chargeback, Event Correlation and Incident Management.

Take a look at the agenda.

Don’t be at the end of your climbing rope, join us!

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