Meet, Work, Create… Safely. With Distiamo™.

Arduino, the leading IoT development platform today announced the launch of Distiamo, an intelligent solution that supports enterprises and businesses with managing social distancing and contact tracing in any workplace or venue. 

The solution, developed in collaboration with the Moviri IoT team, is designed to keep employees, visitors and customers safe, and provide them with the knowledge and confidence that they are in a safe environment. Distiamo can be deployed in a variety of environments, such as office buildings, factories, warehouses, exhibition halls, universities, research laboratories and other public and commercial spaces. 

Innovative, Unique Hybrid Technology

A highly flexible and easy to integrate solution, Distiamo meets the specific needs of any workplace with a range of hardware configuration choices based upon the level of accuracy required for each space. As the only hybrid solution in the market, it offers two modes of accuracy:

  • fine-grain measurement for maximum sensing and positioning accuracy and
  • coarse-grain measurement for medium-level accuracy and minimal cost.

In areas where a high level of accuracy is required (e.g. high density areas), locators are installed in the ceiling to track the tag’s exact location within 10cm of accuracy. Even better, you can mix and match modes, allowing people to transition from one to the other seamlessly, making it the most cost-effective system on the market as companies can invest in the accuracy they need, only where they need it.  

Distiamo tag and locator

The innovative Distiamo solution instantly alerts people via wearable tags if they are too close for too long a time. Tags are integrated with a small device that communicates its ID, which allows the Distiamo system to establish its ongoing location. Tags can be added to key rings, badges, bracelets or other objects that are convenient for people to carry around with them.

The system is based on BLE AoA (Angle of Arrival) measurements, and the tags communicate with locators throughout the space. A planning tool calculates the number of locators required to cover an area based upon the layout. The planning tool allows for the location of any safety features (e.g. a perspex screen), thus intelligently recognizing where people a safely separated even if they are in proximity.

Easy to Configure, Customize and Manage

Distiamo is easy to manage, with a front-end dashboard built on the Splunk enterprise analytics platform, available on Splunkbase, providing all the information you need to customize rules, solve issues and adapt to new scenarios. Arduino will establish what infrastructure is required for a workplace with a simple process, choosing hardware configurations based on the level of accuracy required within a particular space. It enables companies to amend parameters and comply to evolving regulations in an instant, as both the distance and time thresholds can be reset remotely via the Arduino IoT Cloud. 

2020 has been a challenging year for individuals and companies. Here at Arduino, our primary focus was to create a solution that helps businesses to get started again by making both staff and customers feel confident that their safety is covered. Distiamo provides the flexibility, simplicity and scalability to meet the needs of any type of workplace or venue. In fact, we are already using the solution in the co-working space we share in Turin, and we are even installing Distiamo across a fleet of cruise ships to help the cruising industry get back on its feet.


Fabio Violante, CEO, Arduino

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