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Distiamo, developed by Arduino in collaboration with Moviri, is the most advanced distancing and contact tracing solution for your workplace.

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Adaptable, easy to configure, customize and manage.

A cost-effective, hybrid system delivering optimal accuracy.

People’s safety does not come at the expense of their privacy.

Worker safety and security beyond the COVID emergency.

What is Distiamo?

Contact tracing, distancing and safety for the modern workplace.

Distiamo is an Arduino solution, developed in collaboration with the Moviri IoT team, that helps maintain minimum-allowed distance between people and perform automatic exposure contact-tracing.

How exactly does it work?

Step 1

Upload the Map

Upload your space’s map and use our online planning tool to calculate the number of locators required and pinpoint a tag position.

Step 2

Configure the Solution 

Use our online planning tool to map partitions, such as glass panels, to prevent false positives when people are close but still safely separated.

Step 3

Set Thresholds

Use our Splunk dashboard to customize minimum distance and maximum time thresholds and configure the system.

Step 4

Distribute the Tags

Install the locator sensors where needed and provide your employees, visitors or clients with a wearable tag. 

Step 5

Start Tracking

Use Splunk dashboard to analyze raw data gathered from tags and manage contact tracing through statistics, graphs, and more.

Step 6

Adjust & Iterate

Revise as needed: easily adapt distance and time thresholds based on current regulations, guidelines or your own needs.

Distiamo Architecture

Tailor-Made Solutions

Distiamo uses two different measurement technologies with high-res and low-res accuracy.
You can mix and match modes and seamlessly transition from one to the other depending on the layout and staff density of your workplace.  

Fine-grain measurement:

  • Tag location tracked within 10 centimeters of accuracy
  • Calculate the exact number of Locators required to cover your space (typically 2 Locators per 40 square meters)
  • System based on BLE AoA (Angle of Arrival) measurements
  • Tags communicate with Locators throughout the space

Coarse-grain measurement:

  • Tag-to-Tag distance measured with 1-meter accuracy
  • Based on BLE RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) measurements
  • Tags communicate with each other or with a central Beacon
  • Data is synched through a BLE Gateway

Market-Specific Solutions

A warehouse management system (WMS) can help enforce social distancing but, even with the proper modifications, it is not enough to provide a safe environment for employees. Distiamo meets your workplace’s specific needs and ensures you are doing your part to keep people safe.

The Covid-19 pandemic pushes pharmaceutical and biotech companies to invest in new technologies to avoid the spread of the virus in research laboratories and minimize contamination risks in cleanroom environments. Distiamo meets companies‘ specific needs ensuring that workspaces are securely monitored.

As more workers return to the office, companies must take measures to help prevent the spread of coronavirus among their workforce. Distiamo, relying on an accurate history of who an infected person had contact with, is the solution to bring people back safely.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created the largest disruption of education systems in history. Countries have started planning to reopen schools, however, given the continued virulence of the virus, many precautions have not effective. Distiamo can help block the virus in schools, universities, and campuses.

The health and safety of your guests and staff always have to be your top priority. Updating your cleaning guidelines and implementing additional processes and procedures couldn’t be enough to provide exceptional service in a safe environment. Distiamo helps maintain minimum-allowed distance between people and perform automatic exposure contact-tracing.

Manufacturing has been particularly susceptible to the negative impact of the virus because of the on-site nature of the work, the close proximity of workers, and the global economic volatility wreaking havoc on supply chains. Distiamo can help reopen facilities keeping people at work, safely.

Maintaining safety without sacrificing productivity is particularly important to industrial enterprises for whom working remotely is not an option. Distiamo allows to protect worker’s health & safety beyond COVID with emergency evacuation tracking, person down, and maximum occupancy monitoring.

The coronavirus pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on exhibition centers and museums all over the world. Now it’s time to make plans to reopen, following closures, thanks to Distiamo. It, and working both indoors and outdoors, helps maintain minimum-allowed distance between people everywhere.

Contact tracing is an important part of cruise lines’ enhanced protocols to keep all guests and crew safe. Distiamo wristbands and locators not only allow to greatly minimize points of contact but also provide proximity tracing. This is the key to isolate only a few people and not involve many people in a case.


Distiamo was designed for any workplace. We have installed it at the Arduino headquarters inside a major co-working space in Turin, Italy, and in our clients’ offices and factories. The system can be adapted to a variety of workspaces and sites such as museums, university campuses, supermarkets and even cruise ships. It works both indoors and outdoors. It’s for any space where people come together, interact and need to stay safe.

If you have an out-of-the-ordinary situation, contact us and we can help you figure out if Distiamo is the right solution for you.

Because physical distancing and contact tracing:

  • Make everyone more aware and mindful of their behaviour
  • Alert anyone who might have been exposed to contagion, even days later, so they can take necessary precautions
  • Show you are putting in place systems to mitigate risks
  • Allow you to take action based on data, for the good of your employees, visitors and clients – as well as the good of your business

If we had to pick one feature, it would have to be its ability to merge fine-grain accuracy with coarse-grain cost-effectiveness: it allows you to spend money where you need it. Invest to have measurements within a 10-centimeter tolerance only where you know people are at higher risk of breaching social distancing measures. In environments where flows are already regulated, by habits or space’s layout, you can rely on convenient tag-to-tag communication to simply make sure everyone keeps their distance.

Distiamo is an end-to-end, hardware and software IoT solution developed by Arduino in collaboration with Moviri:

  • BLE AoA ceiling-mounted locators
  • BLE RSSI wearable Tags
  • Mapping and planning application
  • Arduino IoT Cloud
  • Splunk-based dashboard and management app
  • Moviri customization and integration services

A Tag is a small device that communicates its ID so the Distiamo system can estimate its location. It can be added to badges, key rings, bracelets or any other object people will easily carry with them across the workplace. Tags detect the rules you’ve set for each space and will blink and/or vibrate if users breach them. Finally, they transmit useful data to the system for any future contact tracing needs. Tags are battery-operated: batteries last approximately 2 years with typical use and can be replaced.

Branding – Tags can be personalized with your company colors and logo to fit right in.

Distiamo tags only capture anonymous data, which are synched and stored in the Arduino IoT Cloud and can be accessed and decoded only by the company, locally, in accordance with its own internal policies.

  • Anonymous contact tracing using Tag ID
  • Instances, where people keep the minimum distance and/or interact for less than the maximum time threshold, are deleted from the Tag before synching
  • Datasets are encrypted before being stored in the Cloud and can be decoded only locally

Adding a Tag to your badge, Distiamo will alert you when you are too close to someone else for too long. Should a new case of Covid-19 pop-up, everyone who might have been exposed can be notified and take extra precautions. Data is recorded anonymously and your privacy is protected at all times.

We’ll all breathe a sigh of relief. And Distiamo will keep working hard because it can do much more than trace contacts.

  • Optimize your office or factory space through heatmap analysis
  • Count people at your venue to keep occupancy in check
  • Manage building evacuations in emergency situations
  • Activate “Person Down” and “Panic Button” functionalities for workplace safety

If you are interested in using Distiamo in your company or space, or just want to learn more about the solution please contact us via email at distiamo@moviri.com or contact us.

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Distiamo is the most advanced distancing and contact tracing solution for your workplace. We help some of the largest companies and most recognizable brands worldwide solve their most pressing technology challenges. We can do that for your company too.