We are Movirians!

Passionate about technology, committed to performance, attracted by business challenges.
Meet the Movirians!

Michele Follo Michele Follo is a Capacity Planning Consultant responsible for the deployment, configuration and integration of capacity planning systems for Moviri’s enterprise customers. His assignments have taken him to several international destinations including London, Bristol and soon the United States. Michele joined Moviri in 2011 and has a Masters degree in Computer Engineering with top grades from Milan Polytechnic.

Before you actually do it, you wonder what working globally means. Well, one day at Moviri I was told that I had to leave to the USA and… there I was working with top enterprise customers around the world! I got to understand the potential of a young and dynamic company. It marries the friendliness and flexibility of a startup with the professional opportunities of a global corporation.

Mauro Pessina Mauro Pessina is a Performance Management Consultant that focuses on implementing and managing monitoring solutions for large scale enterprise systems and applications. Mauro’s responsibilities include performance testing, service level measurements and configuration management for customers all over Italy and Switzerland. Mauro joined Moviri in 2011 and has a Masters degree in Computer Engineering from Milan Polytechnic.

We are a youthful, yet professional work environment. You learn to run on your legs very fast… and there is always a lot to learn. At Moviri working in teams is the standard and you quickly get used to rely on your colleagues for help. We get to work on tough technical problems but also have fun while we do that… I get to test load servers and I try hard to find a way to break them! It is my thing, I have a lot of fun at it!

Luigi Bianchi Luigi Bianchi works in the ContentWise R&D team and also works with customers as Video & Digital Media Consultant. With a Masters degree in Computer Engineering with a focus on Communications, Luigi has completed research in advertising selection algorithms for digital television. He joined Moviri in 2008 and is an expert in IPTV, VOD and eCommerce platforms.

What I like in R&D work is that you get to do true engineering work, I mean you work on solving cool problems. We think about some feature or solutions that technology makes possible, then we sit together with our colleagues from consulting, we argue, we discuss and then we create something that customers somewhere in the world are really going to use. The thought that in Germany someone is watching a movie because a piece of software I created says so… That’s what I wanted when I decided to be an engineer!

Fabio Airoldi Fabio Airoldi is a Performance Management Consultant working on the entire portfolio of systems and application performance and testing services and products such as Splunk, AppDynamics, LoadRunner, Sitescope, Aptimize and BMC Coradiant. Fabio joined Moviri in 2011 after graduating with a Masters degree in Computer Engineering.

I am the jack of all trades of the group and sort of a guinea pig. I love it, cause I get to play with all the latest, newest technologies. I get a lot of help from my colleagues too. To troubleshoot and to fix complex technical issues with large infrastructures is always a good challenge but then to be able to do that in an environment that allows you to experiment and that supports you is just great.


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