The relationship between Sanofi Aventis Group and Moviri dates back to 2014 when Moviri first engaged with the leading multinational pharmaceutical company to implement BMC’s Truesight Capacity Optimization solution. Sanofi was tasked with the ambitious goal of setting up the foundation of a world-class capacity management process. As the solution was implemented, Sanofi also decided to take advantage of Moviri’s Managed Service offering to support BMC’s TrueSight Capacity Optimization Solution on a daily basis.

At BMC Engage 2014 in Orlando, Sanofi and Moviri held a joint presentation to discuss how they effectively managed growth within Sanofi and continuously aligned IT to business demands.

You can find the recorded presentation here:

The partnership between Sanofi and us continues to grow stronger as Moviri has become a key partner and a trusted advisor for Sanofi’s global challenges. Each customer relationship is personal to Moviri and we strive to treat our customer’s needs as if they were our own.

Chris Wimer, Global Capacity Manager at Sanofi, has written a recommendation letter to endorse a leading Moviri consultant’s services and work ethic throughout his time while working with Sanofi.

Here is an excerpt from the letter:

“I am responsible for Capacity Management within the Application Technology and Solutions (ATS) and Global Infrastructure Services (GIS) groups at Sanofi. As Global Capacity Manager, I provide services to a variety of different internal and external Customers, including administration, support, operation and extension of the BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization (TSCO) infrastructure” […]

If you are considering engaging a strategic partner with expertise in Capacity Management processes, or you’re interested in getting the best out of your BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization instance, I would recommend meeting with Moviri and discuss how they can help you achieve your objectives.”

Moviri is greatly appreciative of the opportunity to partner with a market leader such as Sanofi. We take tremendous pride and understand the importance of supporting Sanofi to ensure their enterprise applications are running faster, using less resources and meeting business demands.