Imagine that your company is running one of the most important e-Commerce platforms in the world. Now imagine that your responsibility is to ensure that this platform performs perfectly, even when passing through marketing campaigns, critical business events and new code releases. What to do? Ask Moviri. When one of the most important companies in the US market found themselves in this position, they selected BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization (TSCO) to support the Capacity Management process for their e-Commerce platform. For this critical business decision, they partnered with Moviri, a company with more than 15 years of expertise on Capacity Management with TSCO and over a hundred successful projects all over the world. The ingredients that sealed the partnership with Moviri? The joint initial implementation in Fall 2013 and the succesful experience with the “Silver level Moviri Managed TSCO” program. The Moviri Managed TSCO service is designed to create more and more value around Capacity Management, focusing on:
  • Flexibility: to cope with unpredictable types and amounts of capacity-related work over time
  • Efficiency: to ensure results are achieved in a timely manner
  • Cost effectiveness: to engage professional services on-demand
Over the last two years, these goals have been translated in measured KPIs adorning the successful collaboration:
  • Every year, the Capacity Management process has been extended to new Business Units, remarking the success of the initiative. To support this growth, the TSCO infrastructure has been aligned to manage 15x the number of servers scoped-in the initial implementation
  • The daily monitoring activities resulted in a more reliable infrastructure, reducing the days where the Capacity Team cannot support the process (from ~90% of availability in the first two months of engagement to ~99% of availability over the last year)
  • 30+ data flow reconfigurations have been managed, executing historical recovery of data gaps by the end of the same day
  • On-demand data collections have been executed during Business Critical events, importing low resolution data and ensuring data collection and data quality
Long story short? Moviri takes care of your BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization, runs and extends it, letting the Capacity Management Team focus on the process instead of the technology behind the scene.