Last year we said we would work hard to try and win this recognition again. And we did!

Moviri has a history of partnering with leading and innovative technology vendors such as Splunk. Since 2009 Moviri has been working with Splunk as Splunk Powered Reseller and delivered successful projects for its customers in Financial Services, Telco and Energy industries.

On March 11th, Moviri took part in the second Splunk EMEA Partner Kickoff held in Lisbon, Portugal.  After an amazing year of successes with our partner Splunk, this was the perfect spot where Moviri has been awardedPartner of the Year 2012 Southern Europe”, second year in a row, but also received a special mention for a relevant deal in the Region.

Tom Schodorf, Splunk SVP, mentioned the Unicredit project one of the most important implementations in our Region. This deal is currently one of our most interesting assignments on the Splunk platform, delivering for the Client advanced Service Desk functionalities and proactive monitoring capabilities.

We want to thank the whole team for the great job done during 2012 and we are sure that 2013 will be brilliant as well.

We are going to try and win this award three times in a row next year. Godspeed!