Moviri has participated to CMG Connecticut conference. Renato Bonomini has presented an interactive session: “Capacity Management and Big-Data” Big-data solutions, led by Hadoop, are rapidly extending its footprint in large enterprises which are investing huge budgets to support new initiatives. For the ‘enterprise capacity planner’, Hadoop is a zoo of different types of workloads; even if companies are simply using Hadoop to store information (HDFS) there are many other applications (hdfs, hive, pig, impala, spark, solr, flume, to name a few). The traditional capacity questions still exist. However, each animal in this zoo behaves differently and, for example, there are significant differences in the two most common workloads “MapReduce” and “HBase. This leads to mainly three points of views for analysis to make sure service levels are achieved. This presentation focuses on providing guidelines for the capacity planner to understand how to translate existing techniques and framework and to adapt them to these new technologies: in most cases “what’s old is new again”. Check the presentation and, to learn more about the topic, contact Renato Bonomini, Manager of our US team at