Moviri and Announce New Partnership to Expand European Commercial Footprint of Ascend’s Unified Data Engineering Platform

Moviri, the leading Italy-based technology consulting and software group specialized in performance engineering, analytics, IoT and cybersecurity solutions, and, the data engineering company and Palo Alto-based maker of the best-of-breed unified platform for self-service, autonomous data pipelines, have announced a strategic commercial partnership. 

The Ascend Unified Data Engineering Platform empowers data teams to build modern data pipelines 10x faster than current solutions and to automate their maintenance, generating autonomous data pipelines that dynamically adapt to any changes in data, code or environment. product diagram

Moviri is a leading Milan-based technology consulting and software solutions vendor with an established global customer base among some of the most demanding enterprise organizations in the financial services, media, telco, retail, and manufacturing sectors. 

The Moviri Analytics business unit blends data engineering and data science competencies to build high-value, bespoke analytics solutions for the enterprise. Scouting and bringing to market emerging winning technologies is key to Moviri Analytics’ ability to generate unique competitive value for our customers.  

One of Moviri’s key strengths is our ability to anticipate technological trends thanks to our ongoing market scouting activities. In Ascend we have found the ideal data engineering partner. We are already at work with Ascend to equip our customers with a new level of analytics capabilities and we look forward to doing much more.”


Matteo Longoni

Business Development Manager, Moviri Analytics

In late 2020, Ascend announced a significant international expansion of the Ascend Partner Program. The Ascend Partner Program augments the Ascend Unified Data Engineering Platform with solutions and services curated to meet the needs of modern enterprise businesses and to significantly accelerate enterprise digital transformation timelines.

As part of the partnership between the two companies, and Moviri will work together to develop market-ready solutions that address a growing range of advanced analytics use cases. Moviri has joined the Ascend Partner Program as Premier Partner for Europe, with an exclusive channel mandate in the Italian market.  

The Ascend Unified Data Engineering Platform is a profound technology accelerator for the building and running of data pipeline; however, the success of data and analytics projects also heavily depends on specific changes in behaviors, adoption of new practices, and integration of the value in the day-to-day operations of the client’s business. By working closely with engineering, business and executive stakeholders directly, Moviri sets the stage for new technologies like to have a meaningful impact. Moviri is proving to be a key partner for in Italy, and we look forward to helping many more Italian enterprises transform their business objectives.”


Michael Leppitsch

Global Head of Alliances at

About, the data engineering company, provides the flex-code data platform for autonomous pipelines that frees data teams to spend more time innovating. Data pipelines are the backbone of modern data systems. However, data engineers are overburdened with building and maintaining brittle pipelines, which creates a backlog that prevents data analysts and data scientists from accessing critical information. 

The Ascend Unified Data Engineering Platform removes these bottlenecks and enables teams to create self-service data pipelines that dynamically adapt to changes in data, code, and environment. In a radical departure from data orchestration solutions that require excessive coding, Ascend democratizes data engineering with 10x faster build velocity, automated maintenance, and 95% less code. DataAware™ intelligence understands and tracks every piece of data, enabling data pipelines to run at optimal efficiency with integrated lineage tracking, auditability, and governance. 

The cloud-native platform is available fully hosted, as well as for private cloud deployments on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform. accelerates the journey from prototype to production and helps leading organizations achieve faster time to value.