Moviri is proud to announce a new partnership with Varnish Software to improve digital content distribution to customers.

Varnish Software solutions, such as Varnish Plus and Varnish API Engine, will be added to Moviri’s Digital Optimization portfolio – solutions that dramatically reduce response time in accessing web resources by directly affecting online business core indicators such as conversion rates, engagement, and ranking in search engine results. Varnish Plus acts as a caching level between the user and the web service and serves a copy of the most requested resources. Hence the overall availability of the web service can be increased while simultaneously reducing the impact on the underlying IT infrastructure.

“We are very excited about our new partnership with Moviri. We are confident that our unique combined offering will greatly benefit customers in the Italian market by giving them a competitive edge through enhanced digital content delivery” says Lars Larsson, CEO of Varnish Software.

“Moviri has always adopted, and implemented for its customers, the most innovative and market-leading tools for analyzing and troubleshooting complex IT services,” explains Paolo Bozzola, CEO of Moviri. “A partnership with Varnish Software extends this approach with the ability to actively improve the functioning of web platforms. Entering a caching layer not only reduces resource access times, but makes the IT service more stable over time, safe and cheaper overall. With the help of our new partner and us, I’m sure our customers will always, as ever, achieve these important technological advantages.”

We’re officially launching our partnership on October 5th, during an exclusive event hosted at Moviri’s office in Milan, where Arianna Aondio, Technical Evangelist for Varnish Software, will introduce participants to the benefits of adopting web caching solutions.

Moviri and Varnish Software combine their expertise and technological excellence to provide customers with the best solutions for accelerating and deploying digital content.