The Moviri Analytics team has been invited to present at the upcoming Neo4J’s NODES 2021 Conference.

Moviri’s data scientist Camilla Dal Rio will deliver an exciting talk about the team’s real-life work helping customers build graph-based systems powered by machine learning:

Register for the event and follow her talk “Set Your Graph in Hyperdrive with Machine Learning and MLOps.” on  Thursday, June 17, at 15:30 CEST | 13:30 UTC.

Taming complexity in IT application systems, with machine learning-based solutions at scale, is at the heart of our approach. In this session, Camilla will explore the complexity, and connected risks, of IT business applications in big enterprises. More specifically, we will demonstrate how you can use different tools to power-up machine learning algorithms like Louvain, PageRank, and graph embedding and: 

  • Simulate cascading effects on the system in case of changes.
  • Monitor in near-real-time the relationship between entities.
  • Detect behavioral anomalies.

By leveraging MLOps principles, we have built

a system that can autonomously create sophisticated, automated, and scalable solutions. Join us to learn how!”


Camilla Dal Rio

Data Scientist, Moviri Analytics