Moviri continues its valuable collaboration with “UniMi – Sicurezza dei Sistemi e delle Reti Informatiche” university by holding a new seminar that will be hosted by prof. Marco Cremonini during his lesson at DTI (Crema) “Risk Analysis & Management”. The seminar will be held by one of our security experts, Daniele Ricci, and will focus on real “on-the-field” experience as well as enterprise-grade security knowledge of how security is perceived by companies. “Mind the Intelligence GAP” is a seminar that will try to focus on how Cyber Threat Intelligence and its day-by-day use can influence Risk Management: companies risk-exposure becomes something that changes on-the-fly and affects security perimeter and priorities. The seminar will target a series of approaches, techniques and pertinent use cases linking CTI and Risk Management together, hence overcoming the gap between these different worlds as well as highlighting common ground.