Moviri BMC Capacity Management Webinar

BMC Webinar “Network Capacity Management with BCO”

There is going to be a lot of Moviri at the next BMC Webinar Network Capacity Management with BCO.

Riccardo Casero, Moviri Integration for BMC Capacity Optimization (BCO) product manager,  will be a key speaker during the next session of BCO Best Practices Webinars, broadcasting on May 13th.

During this session BMC and Moviri experts will show you how you can use BCO to manage the capacity of your network.

In this 90′ webinar you will learn:

  1. How to conduct Network Capacity Management projects, based on real life experiences with tier 1 clients
  2. How to leverage the Moviri integration for BCO  to integrate data from network management tools
  3. How to use these data in BCO to manage the capacity of your network bandwidth, devices and usage

Experienced panelists will also be available to answer any query the audience may raise.

Make sure you attend this webinar to learn how Moviri can help you maximize your BMC Capacity Optimization (BCO) results.