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Moviri and, the data engineering company and Palo Alto-based maker of the best-of-breed unified platform for self-service, autonomous data pipelines, have announced a strategic commercial partnership. 

The Ascend Unified Data Engineering Platform empowers data teams to build modern data pipelines 10x faster than current solutions and to automate their maintenance, generating autonomous data pipelines that dynamically adapt to any changes in data, code or environment.

Moviri Ascend Premier Partner

At Ascend’s Data Automation Summit,  Giorgio Adami, Analytics Service Line Manager at Moviri, and Iris Hauser, Data Science & Cloud Manager at Maytronics, talked about the collaboration between Moviri and Maytronics.

Watch the video recording to discover how they built a cloud architecture designed specifically to develop ETL pipelines efficiently, enabling data ingestion, processing, and transformations.

Ascend Unified Data Engineering platform

The Ascend Unified Data Engineering Platform is a profound technology accelerator for the building and running of data pipeline. 

However, the success of data and analytics projects also heavily depends on specific changes in behaviors, adoption of new practices, and integration of the value in the day-to-day operations of the client’s business. 

By working closely with engineering, business and executive stakeholders directly, Moviri sets the stage for new technologies like to have a meaningful impact.

Case study

Be Power, a company dedicated to the diffusion of charging infrastructures for electric mobility, has deployed the Ascend Unified Data Engineering Platform to significantly increase its data engineering velocity. Be Power leverages Ascend to dynamically generate and optimize autonomous data pipelines in a fraction of the time. To design and implement the solution, Be Power worked with Moviri, the EMEA-based Ascend partner offering bespoke end-to-end business analytics solutions for enterprise businesses. 

“The Ascend platform is a phenomenal application for data engineering in companies like Be Power, which benefits from an end-to-end platform like Ascend instead of investing in custom open-source solutions that take massive amounts of time and effort to build and operate,” said Paolo Esposto, Chief Data Officer, Be Power. 

Be Power is a high-tech company that aims to radically transform the energy sector by bringing together the fields of energy and mobility through the innovative management of digital flows. With the Ascend platform, Be Power was able to reduce time spent building data pipelines by 80%, while at the same time massively lessening the burden on the data engineering team for the production and monitoring phases.

Source: Be Power Selects to Supercharge Data Engineering Velocity

Discover the Data Automation Cloud

A single unified and automated platform to ingest, transform, and orchestrate analytics and data engineering workloads.

  • Data Ingestion: seamlessly connect your data pipelines to any data, in any system, without worrying about yet another tool;
  • Data Transformation: quickly and easily transform data using 95% less code with declarative definitions written in SQL, Python, Scala, and Java;
  • Data Delivery: seamlessly deliver processed data to BI, analytics, machine learning, and AI tools;
  • Data Orchestration: automate your fastest path to data engineering and analytics engineering success;
  • Data Observability: quickly view data lineage, data profiles, system health, and other critical workload metrics at a glance.

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A brief overview of the Unified Data Engineering Platform

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