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Modern MLOps Capabilities and Bespoke AI Solutions for Global Customers

Moviri and DataRobot have signed a strategic commercial partnership committed to building agile, market-ready AI solutions catered to an established global customer base consisting of the most demanding enterprise organizations. Together, DataRobot and Moviri empower organizations to solve the hardest and most complex problems by democratizing AI.

As a leading technology consulting and software solutions vendor, Moviri’s analytics business unit blends data engineering and data science competencies to build high-value, customized solutions for the enterprise.

One of Moviri’s key strengths is our ability to anticipate technological trends. In DataRobot, Moviri has found the best-of-breed technology to support its customers’ AI innovation, speeding up development cycles of machine learning and AI models from data preparation to production.

Today, companies cannot fully exploit the potential that Artificial Intelligence could achieve and derive the benefits that justify the investment. Too many AI initiatives struggle to move from experimentation to implementation, to production.

This is where Moviri Analytics team and DataRobot come to the rescue. During their joint Italian webinar, our experts explained the solutions and approaches that help companies adopt AI projects and see their business impact in no time.

Learn how to exploit the potential of Artificial Intelligence fully.

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One Platform, for All Users, from Data to Value.

DataRobot AI Cloud serves as a single platform to accelerate the delivery of AI to production for every organization.

It delivers unique advantages to organizations: 

  • Single platform for all users, unifying data scientists, analytics experts, IT, and the business;
  • A single view of all data from any source, any type;
  • Unified, end-to-end platform across the AI lifecycle;
  • Clear and trusted business outcomes;
  • Deployed and operated at scale on any cloud, in the data center, and at the edge;
  • Modular and extensible, building on existing investments in applications, infrastructure, and IT operations systems.

Businesses are Already Benefiting

“DataRobot allows us to rapidly iterate on thousands of combinations of models, data preparation steps, and parameters.”
Black & Decker

$200M increase in revenue for a leading manufacturer through precision demand forecasting.

60 projects utilizing 3,000 models launched by The Adecco Group in just three weeks.

DataRobot & Moviri ebook

AI Cloud Launch

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September 23, 2021

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