DevOps & DataOps for Cloud Native Automation of Data Pipelines

Leverage automation to accelerate data pipeline development, management, and orchestration.

At Ascend’s Data Automation Summit, Giorgio Adami, Analytics Service Line Manager at Moviri, and Iris Hauser, Data Science & Cloud Manager at Maytronics, talked about the collaboration between Moviri and Maytronics.

Watch the video recording to discover how they built a cloud architecture designed specifically to develop ETL pipelines efficiently, enabling data ingestion, processing, and transformations.

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Best Practices in DevOps

How to collaboratively manage a data engineering project, from a staging environment to Gitflow simplified workflows and much more.

An Automation Case Study

Lesson learned and benefits for Maytronics Ltd in reaching scalability, automation, and efficiency in a complex data management environment.

The Technology Partnership

How Moviri’s expertise and the Ascend platform enabled a path to successfully match business and implementation requirements.

Our approach
Moviri Analytics

Support your AI lifecycle management through data processing automation.

The Ascend Unified Data Engineering Platform is a fundamental technology enabler to building and running data pipelines.

Yet, the success of any data and analytics project ultimately rests on specific changes in behavior, the adoption of new practices, and the integration of solutions into day-to-day business operations.

By working closely with engineering, business, and executive stakeholders, Moviri is the ideal partner to ensure that new technologies like have a meaningful business impact.