Many of our customers asked to know more about IT Financial Management and in particular Accounting & Chargeback.

This is why we decided to collect some material we use to present these concepts and presented it at two events:

  • During the CMG imPACt conference, in a 2 hrs session (plenty of time to review why and how and for some healthy discussions)
  • During a #movinar on December 13: a condensed version of the CMG training

Some of the questions that ACB tackles:

  1. Which services cost us the most, and why?
  2. What are our volumes and types of consumed services, and what is the correlating budget requirement?
  3. How efficient are our service provisioning models in relation to alternatives, and are we competitive on the market?

All the sessions mentioned above have a common set of conclusions:

  1. Accounting and Chargeback in IT can drive cost-efficiency, if the organization trusts how the processed is implemented.
  2. The process is simple at high-level, yet tedious and complex in details: automation and tools make it possible.
  3. There is not a single winning methodology, actually there are many: the criteria on which one is best are different for the various stakeholders, what’s important in your organization?

The benefits in terms of visibility of costs who is using our IT resources and how much it’s costing is quite clear and does not need to be discussed in details.

But there is something more:

from our background of working with Capacity Planners and in general trying to improve efficiency and cost of operations, the side-benefit of these processes is that in a world dominated by complexity, prioritizing Capacity Planning activities based on the cost-factor seems to be a winning strategy.

What can you do next?

Watch the webinar!

More on Accounting & Chargeback

This is not the first time we address this subject: you can take a look at these excellent sessions we have held ourselves in previous cases or that organization we partnered with have setup and presented:

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