Digital Monitoring

A new approach to APM and Troubleshooting: mobile and microservices monitoring, bigdata and operational intelligence.

Application Performance Management

Application performance and availability is the most critical non-functional requirement of IT services, directly impacting business outcomes: a slow, non-responsive or non-scalable application is equivalent to an unavailable application, eventually resulting in lost revenues.

Application monitoring and performance optimization is one of Movìri’s core competency, with hundreds of projects successfully completed for leading companies. Measure how a business service behave, from the end user point of view down to the infrastructure layers, is the way to minimize MTTR times and enforce SLAs.
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Incident & Problem Management

The ability to restore normal service operation as quickly as possible when an unplanned interruption occurs is the key to maintain SLA commitments, especially in outsourced scenarios. A deep knowledge of heterogeneous technologies and architectures is paramount to successfully operate in this area.

Moviri consultants help customer build an effective foundation for ITIL Incident and problem management with industry-leading software from partners like Hewlett Packard and BMC.
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System Monitoring

System Monitoring is a fundamental service to enable Application Performance Management as it supports collecting and storing state data once the application is running. “What to monitor” and “how to monitor” are the cornerstones of efficient system monitoring.

Moviri installs and manages software tools that enable organizations to continuously monitor the health of servers, switches, applications, and services and resolve IT  problems before they impact critical business applications. Our solutions include comprehensive monitoring, alerting and automatic remediation.

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Log Management

With an increasing demand for log management storage and processing capabilities, as well as complex compliance and auditing requirements, companies need the right tools and solutions to deal with large volume of log messages and to collect, store, report and analyze log data.

Thanks to its long experience in high volume data processing and its partnerships with top log management vendors like Splunk, Moviri helps organizations develop flexible log management and processing solutions that can easily scale, that reduce compliance risk and that enable internal business customers to use log data to implement new analytical applications.

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Service Level Management

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Operational Level Agreements (OLAs) measurements  is the key to trusted relationship between customers and IT. Automate the collection, processing and presentation of the level of availability, serviceability and performance of IT services. The capability to track business transactions across connected services allow for meaningful SLA reports from a business perspective.

Moviri helps enterprise IT organization establish clearer expectations and better relationships with their business customers, reduce SLA violations by the early detection of poor performance levels and provide deeper insight into overall service performance against targets.

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Network Monitoring

Control in real-time IT infrastructure and networks to identify failures and their impact on services, obtain performance and diagnostic information to enable optimization initiatives, and collect production metrics.

Moviri can provide a consolidated view of the health of IT infrastructure and newtwork to guarantee availability and enhance performance of business-critical IT services. Moviri is a certified reseller and distributor of HP Operation Center suite, Netscout and HP network management solutions.

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Monitoring Management Utility (MMU)

Control, standardize and optimize your APM tasks, processes and resources.


A Utility-like Monitoring Service

MMU is a structured approach to APM that involves both technical deliverables and process engineering. MMU focuses on creating an ad-hoc organizational unit, the monitoring utility, which allows for effective utilization of both tools and services, knowledge sharing and costs optimization with clear ROI metrics.

Successful implementations in weeks

Moviri’s approach produces actionable results in 2–3 months:

  • Phase 1: Gap Analysis
  • Phase 2: Roadmap Definition
  • Phase 3: Model Implementation

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Key Outcomes

  • MMU bundles license and services in a single, optimized package
  • Every tool functionality is exploited to it’s maximum potential
  • A single organization unit handles all APM related activities
  • Internal and external MMU processes are standardized
  • MMU delivers a Service Catalog to the users and summary reporting to the management team.

Customer Case Study: APM for Banking

Complex application performance management solution for a top-tier bank

A top-tier Italian financial services corporation, with a corporate structure that comprises different companies and whose IT services are centrally managed by a shared unit was looking for an APM solution to achieve user-centric visibility for its 20 business services.

E2E SaaS Monitoring

Measure application performance from the End User point of view.


Automatic user simulation as a Service

Moviri builds and deploys synthetic end-user monitoring as a SaaS managed service. The solution allows customers to measure 24×7 performance and availability (SLA) of critical business services through multiple channels simulating requests from both internal and external end users:

  • Call center (IVR) with voice recognition
  • “Classic” web applications
  • Mobile devices

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Key Outcomes

  • Monitoring of business transactions, locations, errors
  • Benchmarking with direct competitors and after application changes
  • SLA Reporting with business views, quality metrics and historical comparisons

Why Monitoring & Troubleshooting with Moviri?

  • Moviri has 10+ years of experience managing the IT monitoring and critical application performance for some of the largest enterprise IT organizations.
  • Moviri has extensive expertise in highly regulated and security-driven industries like Banking, Insurance, Financial Services and Government.
  • Moviri has developed a best-practices based Application Performance Management Maturity Model that enables its teams to develop and deploy effective solutions tailored to each customer maturity level.

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