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Amplify your application performance monitoring with industry-leading AI-powered automation capabilities and APM tools.

Application performance transformation is accelerating.
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IBM Instana Observability is a fully automated enterprise observability platform that delivers the context needed to take intelligent actions and ensure optimum application performance.

IBM Instana ingests all metrics, traces every request, and profiles every process in cloud-native, hybrid, and on-prem environments. It correlates and analyzes the data for the DevOps teams to optimize their application performance and accelerate their pipeline.

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PathMotion chose Instana to automatically monitor Kubernetes-based applications.

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Building a strategic partnership

IBM and Moviri have embarked on a strategic partnership path, taking an important step towards the common goal of building automation solutions for all organizations that want greater flexibility and performance optimization.

This partnership aims to improve our customers’ ability to increase their competitive advantage, thanks to cutting-edge technological solutions and high-level professional consulting services.