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About the Company

As Italy’s first private high-speed rail operator, Italo manages a fleet of 25
latest-generation AGV 575 and 22 new Italo EVO high-speed trains, offering 100+
daily routes and serving 20 million passengers a year.

  • Founded in 2006.
  • 40% Market share.
  • 20 million passengers.
  • 1.400 employees, over 900 operating staff.
  • 40 railway stations served and more to come.
  • Mission: offer services to travelers on high-speed lines that are safe, reliable,
    and technologically advanced.

The Application Performance Challenges

Italo launched an initiative to build a centralized platform to collect, organize and
analyze all application logs across its IT infrastructure. Given the variety and volume
of data formats, range of data sources, and sites, Italo focused its attention on
robust data collection and consolidation. A key challenge was to design a reliable
architecture capable of collecting large amounts of highly heterogeneous data and
of making it available for analysis.

Strategy and Solution

After an initial discovery phase, Italo and Moviri decided to build a distributed,
clustered and flexible Splunk-based log management system, tailored to meet
specific Italo requirements while implementing Moviri best practices developed over the years in close collaboration with Splunk as Elite Partner.
Working with system administrators and business application owners, Moviri
designed and implemented the integration of data sources, the setup of ingestion
pipelines, and the installation of the analytics frontend. Relevant business data is made available from a single point, enabling correlation analysis, monitoring, and troubleshooting activities.


Akamas deployed its performance AI to optimize a critical Java microservice in a Kubernetes cluster, resulting in:



Results and Benefits

Moviri and Italo collaborated to build a centralized platform to collect, organize and analyze all application logs across its IT infrastructure.




Different data sources


Application data processed daily

Complete Visibility

Unified platform for correlating and troubleshooting multiple data sources

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